SQuirreL SQLedit

You can use the Elasticsearch JDBC driver to access Elasticsearch data from SQuirreL SQL.

Elastic does not endorse, promote or provide support for this application; for native Elasticsearch integration in this product, please reach out to its vendor.


Add Elasticsearch JDBC Driveredit

To add the Elasticsearch JDBC driver, use Windows > View Drivers menu (or Ctrl+Shift+D shortcut):

squirell 1 view drivers

Select Elasticsearch profile from the Drivers panel on the left-hand side (if it is missing check the SQuirreL SQL version or add a new entry to the list through the ‘+’ button in the upper left corner):

squirell 2 select driver

Select the Extra Class Path tab and Add the JDBC jar. Name the connection and List Drivers to have Class Name populated if it is not already filled-in :

squirell 3 add driver

The driver should now appear in the list with a blue check mark next to its name:

squirell 4 driver list

Add an alias for Elasticsearchedit

Add a new connection or in SQuirreL terminology an alias using the new driver. To do so, select the Aliases panel on the left and click the + sign:

squirell 5 add alias

Name the new alias and select the Elasticsearch driver previously added:

squirell 6 alias props

The setup is completed. Double check it by clicking on Test Connection.

Execute SQL queriesedit

The connection should open automatically (if it has been created before simply click on Connect in the Alias panel). SQuirreL SQL can now issue SQL commands to Elasticsearch:

squirell 7 data