The heart of the free and open Elastic Stack

Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine, scalable data store, and vector database capable of addressing a growing number of use cases. As the heart of the Elastic Stack, it centrally stores your data for lightning fast search, fine‑tuned relevancy, and powerful analytics that scale with ease.

New to Elasticsearch? Get up and running in no time.

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Lay a strong foundation for working with Elasticsearch in our Elasticsearch Engineer training.

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Build advanced Elasticsearch skills for tuning relevance, text analysis, and more.

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Dive deeper into the new Elasticsearch Relevance Engine

The Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™ (ESRE) is designed to power artificial intelligence-based search applications. Use ESRE to apply semantic search with superior relevance out of the box (without domain adaptation), integrate with external large language models (LLMs), implement hybrid search, and use third-party or your own transformer models.

Query & Analyze

Ask your data questions of all kinds

  • Search your way

    Elasticsearch lets you perform and combine many types of searches — structured, unstructured, geo, metric, and from a piped query language. Start simple with one question and see where it takes you.

  • Store and analyze at scale

    It's one thing to find the 10 best documents to match your query. But how do you make sense of, say, a billion log lines? Elasticsearch aggregations let you zoom out to explore trends and patterns in your data.


Elasticsearch is fast. Really, really fast.

  • Rapid results

    When you get answers instantly, your relationship with your data changes. You can afford to iterate and cover more ground.

  • Powerful design

    Being this fast isn't easy. We've implemented inverted indices with finite state transducers for full-text querying, BKD trees for storing numeric and geo data, and a column store for analytics.

  • All-inclusive

    And since everything is indexed, you're never left with index envy. You can leverage and access all of your data at ludicrously awesome speeds.


Run it on your laptop. Or hundreds of servers with petabytes of data.

Go from prototype to production seamlessly; you talk to Elasticsearch running on a single node the same way you would in a 300-node cluster.

It scales horizontally to handle kajillions of events per second, while automatically managing how indices and queries are distributed across the cluster for oh-so-smooth operations.



We cover the bases while you swing for the fences.

Hardware rebels. Networks partition. Elasticsearch detects failures to keep your cluster (and your data) safe and available. With cross-cluster replication, a secondary cluster can spring into action as a hot backup. Elasticsearch operates in a distributed environment designed from the ground up for perpetual peace of mind.


Store and explore data to fit your needs.

Data is constantly evolving, and it can become expensive to store and search all of it. With Elasticsearch you can balance performance and cost. Store data locally for fast queries or remotely on low-cost S3 for unlimited data. With runtime fields, you can also quickly onboard your data — and adapt to changes.


Use Cases

What exactly can I use Elasticsearch for?

Numbers, text, geo, structured, unstructured. All data types are welcome. Full-text search just scratches the surface of how companies around the world are relying on Elasticsearch to solve a variety of challenges. See a full list of solutions built directly on the Elastic Stack.

  • Log Monitoring

    Fast and scalable logging that won't quit.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring

    Monitor and visualize your system metrics.

  • APM

    Get insight into your application performance.

  • Synthetic Monitoring

    Monitor and react to availability issues.

  • Search and discovery experiences for any use case.

  • Maps

    Explore location data in real time.

  • SIEM

    Interactive investigation and automated threat detection.

  • Endpoint Security

    Prevent, detect, hunt for, and respond to threats.

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Deploy your way

Wherever your search takes you, we'll be there.

Elastic Cloud

Deploy hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure

Spin up a fully loaded deployment on the cloud provider you choose. As the company behind Elasticsearch, we bring our features and support to your Elastic clusters in the cloud.


Download Elasticsearch

Grab a fresh installation and start running Elasticsearch on your machine in just a few steps.


The True Elasticsearch Experience

Is it the same as Amazon’s Elasticsearch Service?

  • Nope. There's only one.

    Directly from the creators, our Elasticsearch Service is the only official hosted Elasticsearch offering on AWS.

  • Exclusive features

    Get access to features like machine learning, an ODBC driver for BI connectivity, automated time-series data management, and alerting.


Elasticsearch features

Explore the full list of Elasticsearch features.

  • Security

    Protect your Elasticsearch data in a robust and granular way.
  • Monitoring

    Maintain a pulse on your Elastic Stack to keep it firing on all cylinders.

  • Alerting

    Get notifications about changes in your data.

  • Elasticsearch SQL

    Interact with your data using SQL — and use ODBC and JDBC drivers to access it.

  • Time series data management

    Automate processes with index lifecycle management, frozen indices, and rollups.

  • Machine learning

    Automate anomaly detection on your Elasticsearch data.