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25 April 2017 Engineering

Tribe Nodes & Cross-Cluster Search: The Future of Federated Search in Elasticsearch

By Luca CavannaSimon Willnauer

We sat down to think through the next generation of Tribe Node for Elasticsearch, and out popped cross-cluster search.

20 April 2017 Engineering

Tuning Go Apps with Metricbeat

By Giuseppe ValenteMedcl Zeng

The Elastic Stack can be leveraged to monitor Go applications to analyze memory usage, performing long-term monitoring, tuning and capturing diagnostics.

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20 April 2017 Engineering

The future of Log4j input in Logstash

By Jordan Sissel

This post describes a security issue with Log4j input in Logstash. This input is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

19 April 2017 Engineering

Componentizing the Kibana UI, Part 2: Writing JavaScript with React

By CJ Cenizal

React complements our componentization process perfectly! We've used React to encapsulate complexity, and reduce CSS and markup to mere implementation details.

13 April 2017 Engineering

New Kibana Visualizations: Heatmap and Point Series

By Peter Pišljar

Our journey of adding new visualizations to Kibana started with Tag Cloud. But we did not stop there. In 5.2 we introduced Heatmap visualization, and in 5.4...

11 April 2017 Engineering

Operational Analytics with Elasticsearch at Elastic{ON} 2017 - Part 1

By Dale McDiarmidAsawari Samant

A 3 part series on Operational Analytics: Exploring attendee engagement at Elastic{ON} using the Elastic Stack.

10 April 2017 Engineering

Better Query Planning for Range Queries in Elasticsearch

By Adrien Grand

Recent improvements for when Elasticsearch range queries are used in conjunctions.

04 April 2017 Engineering

Integrating Elasticsearch with ArcSight SIEM - Part 4

By Dale McDiarmidMike Paquette

Utilising the Elastic Stack with ArcSight SIEM to alert on security events.

30 March 2017 Engineering

Honey, you have changed quite a bit lately, haven't you?

By Daniel Mitterdorfer

Seemingly small JVM tweaks can have a dramatic impact on application performance. In this article we share one of our recent encounters of that kind.