06 November 2018 Engineering

Elastic Support Alert: Kibana Reporting Vulnerability

By Elastic Engineering

05 November 2018 Engineering

SAML and Multi-Factor Authentication in Elasticsearch Service

By Roy Zanbel

A walkthrough of SAML support and enabling multi-factor authentication for Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud.

01 November 2018 Engineering

A Walk in the Park with Elastic App Search Sample Engines

By Kellen EvanIoana Tagirta

Stroll through some of the world's finest parks within Elastic App Search Sample Engines. Along the way, learn how you can create engaging search experiences.

01 November 2018 Engineering

Canvas: Metric and Markdown Elements

By Ethan Groves

Learn how to work with the Metric and Markdown elements in Canvas, using a sample data set built-in to Elasticsearch and Kibana.

31 October 2018 Engineering

How to Send Data through Logstash or Kafka from Elastic APM

By Gil Raphaelli

25 October 2018 Engineering

Team Tuning with Multi-User Support in Elastic App Search

By Kellen EvanBrian Stevenson

One account, one intuitive dashboard, your team, a variety of useful tools, and insightful search data. Elastic App Search now supports multi-user accounts.

23 October 2018 Engineering

Improve Security Analytics with the Elastic Stack, Wazuh, and IDS

By Mike PaquetteSantiago Bassett

Using Wazuh signature-based HIDS and Elastic machine learning can make cyber threat detection easier and investigations more efficient.

23 October 2018 Engineering

Space Savings: A Lesser Known Benefit of Index Sorting in Elasticsearch

By Shane Connelly

We introduced index sorting in Elasticsearch 6.0 to help optimize cluster performance. Did you know that in some use cases, it can also help save space?

18 October 2018 Engineering

Efficient Duplicate Prevention for Event-Based Data in Elasticsearch

By Christian Dahlqvist

11 October 2018 Engineering

Getting Started with Canvas in Kibana

By Ethan Groves

Learn how to use Canvas to create pixel-perfect presentations and slide decks that pull live data directly from Elasticsearch.

10 October 2018 Engineering

Inside the Elastic APM Go Agent

By Andrew Wilkins

Want to take a look under the hood of the Elastic APM Go agent? Learn about how it works and how it keeps overhead to a minimum as it monitors app performance.

09 October 2018 Engineering

Designing for Change in Elastic Machine Learning

By Tom VeaseyThomas Grabowski

New in 6.4, learn about how we've improved the modeling in Elastic machine learning to better adapt to changes in system behaviour.