21 February 2018 Engineering

Categorizing Non-English Log Messages in Machine Learning for Elasticsearch

By David Roberts

Starting with version 6.2 you can categorize log messages using Elastic machine learning whichever language they're in.

20 February 2018 Engineering

Custom Vega Visualizations in Kibana 6.2

By Yuri Astrakhan

A new visualization type in Kibana lets you create custom visualizations using Vega, an open source, JSON-based, declarative language.

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15 February 2018 Engineering

Resizing Elasticsearch shards for fun and profit

By Simon Willnauer

The backstory behind increasing the number of shards in an index if the index has become too small for the number of documents in it.

13 February 2018 Engineering

Scheduled Events and the Amorous Anomaly

By David Kyle

The new scheduled events feature in 6.2 keeps unique events like Black Friday or Valentine's Day from distorting your machine learning model.

06 February 2018 Engineering

Elasticsearch: Java 9 and Beyond!

By Nik Everett

Version 6.2 of the Elastic stack will officially support running on Java 9 or Java 8. Your choice. Supporting Java 9 has been a pretty wild ride!

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05 February 2018 Engineering

Introducing data visualization and modules in machine learning

By Pete HarversonThomas Grabowski

Walk through new features for making it easier to create useful machine learning jobs in 6.1 with the new Data Visualizer and modules.

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25 January 2018 Engineering

Moving Custom Ruby Code out of the Logstash Pipeline

By João Duarte

Version 3.1.0 of the Logstash ruby filter allows you to place your inlined ruby code into reusable files and also brings much needed testing capabilities.

18 January 2018 Engineering

Custom Elasticsearch Aggregations for Machine Learning Jobs

By Rich Collier

Leverage the power of complex elasticsearch aggregation queries for your ML jobs. Follow this example of using a derivative aggregation to see how it works.