12 July 2018 Engineering

Monitoring Kubernetes and Docker Containers with Beats: Logs, Metrics, and Metadata

By Dan Roscigno

Monitor Docker and Kubernetes logs and metrics with the Elastic Stack. Ship container data with Beats, analyze it with Elasticsearch, and visualize in Kibana.

11 July 2018 Engineering

How to Develop Your Own Security Extensions and Custom Realms for Elasticsearch

By Tim Vernum

In Elasticsearch 6.3, we've made it ever easier to build and deploy your own X-Pack security extensions and custom realms.

27 June 2018 Engineering

Get System Logs and Metrics into Elasticsearch with Beats System Modules

By Dan Roscigno

Elastic Beats System modules collect key operating system logs and metrics and present them visually so that you can work more efficiently.

25 June 2018 Engineering

Monitoring Java Applications with Metricbeat and Jolokia

By Jaime Soriano

Overview of current features and future plans for Java application monitoring with Metricbeat and Jolokia.

21 June 2018 Engineering

Improving Kibana’s Query Language

By Matt Bargar

Find out how Kibana's new query language is simplifying search and unlocking powerful new features -- like autocomplete.

20 June 2018 Engineering

Interactive Inputs on Kibana Dashboards

By Nathan Reese

Kibana 6.3 introduces interactive inputs — controls that give you the ability to add interactive filters to Kibana Dashboards.

18 June 2018 Engineering

Getting Started with Vega Visualizations in Kibana

By Yuri Astrakhan

Learn to build rich visualizations within Kibana using Vega -- an open source JSON-based, declarative language.

18 June 2018 Engineering

How to Search Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Text with Elasticsearch 6.2 - Part 2: Multi-fields

By Kiju Kim

This document introduces custom plugins (language analyzers) for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese and suggests an approach to use multi-fields to index and search

13 June 2018 Engineering

Meet the New Logstash Java Execution Engine

By Dan Hermann

The new Java execution engine in Logstash features faster performance, reduced memory usage, and lower config startup and reload times. And you can use it now.