28 September 2016 Engineering

Do you grok Grok?

By João Duarte

There are over 200 grok patterns available, so how do you know what way will work best for you? Let us help you grok Grok.

27 September 2016 Engineering

A New Way To Ingest - Part 1

By Christoph Wurm

Ingest Nodes are a new feature in Elasticsearch 5 that allows you to change data right before it is indexed, e.g. extracting fields from long message strings.

23 September 2016 Engineering

Introducing beta releases of Elasticsearch and Kibana Docker images!

By Dimitrios Liappis

Introducing beta releases of Elasticsearch and Kibana 5.0 Docker images.

19 September 2016 Engineering

Instant Aggregations: Rewriting Queries for Fun and Profit

By Colin Goodheart-Smithe

In 1.4.0 Elasticsearch gained a shard level ‘Request Cache’ which caches the result of the query phase on each shard keyed on the search request its

14 September 2016 Engineering

The Great Query Refactoring: Thou shalt only parse once

By Luca CavannaChristoph Büscher

When writing software, adding cool new features is of course always great fun. But sometimes it’s also important to work on internal changes in the code base.

14 September 2016 Engineering

Monitoring Container Resource Usage with Metricbeat

By Andrew Kroh

Using Metricbeat to collect container metrics using Linux cgroups.

07 September 2016 Engineering

Strings are dead, long live strings!

By Adrien Grand

Elasticsearch 5.0 will replace the string type with two new types text and keyword.

30 August 2016 Engineering

Elasticsearch, the server

How Elasticsearch is evolving into a secure, stable, reliable, predictable solution.

26 August 2016 Engineering

Serverless Elasticsearch Curator on AWS Lambda

By Toby McLaughlin

How Elastic's Infrastructure team manages Elasticsearch indices with serverless Curator on Lambda.