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17 January 2017 Engineering

Guarding Kibana from Data Hijacking

By Rashid Khan

Kibana needs to be secured to avoid falling victim to ransom attacks. This post tells you how to do that.

16 January 2017 Engineering

“Hot-Warm” Architecture in Elasticsearch 5.x

By Samir Bennacer

A recommendation for using Elasticsearch 5.x for larger time-data analytics: indices & a tiered architecture with 3 different types of nodes, called “Hot-Warm”.

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13 January 2017 Engineering

Protecting Against Attacks that Hold Your Data for Ransom

By Mike Paquette

Recent Internet attacks are holding data for ransom. Make sure your Elasticsearch cluster does not become a victim.

05 January 2017 Engineering

Numeric and Date Ranges in Elasticsearch: Just Another Brick in the Wall

By Nick Knize

Numeric and Date Range indexing has finally come to Elasticsearch! Come find out how you can index and search your entire calendar using Elasticsearch 5.2.

22 December 2016 Engineering

A Profile a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: The Elasticsearch Search Profiler

By Zachary Tong

Back in the dark ages of Elasticsearch, understanding why a query was slow required experience, intuition, reading some tea leaves and making sure the moon was

22 December 2016 Engineering

Tag that Cloud: A New Visualization in Kibana

By Thomas Neirynck

This article introduces the new tag cloud feature available in Kibana 5.1.

21 December 2016 Engineering

Solidifying Releases with FAKE (F# MAKE)

By Russ CamMartijn Laarman

Our F# Advent Calendar post, highlighting our usage of Paket and FAKE and introducing an assembly diff FAKE helper

19 December 2016 Engineering

Migrating to Elastic Cloud

By Dara GiesTyler Fontaine

This article outlines several approaches to migrate to Elastic's very own Elastic Cloud.

15 December 2016 Engineering

Integrating the Elastic Stack with ArcSight SIEM - Part 1

By Samir Bennacer

In this blog series we will provide an overview of how to extend and complement the capabilities of your existing SIEM to create an effective security analyt...