14 February 2018 Engineering

How to enable SAML authentication in Kibana and Elasticsearch

By Ioannis Kakavas

SAML support has been one of the most requested security features for the Elastic Stack. It's arrived with the 6.2 release and we walk you through the details.

13 February 2018 Engineering

Scheduled Events and the Amorous Anomaly

By David Kyle

The new scheduled events feature in 6.2 keeps unique events like Black Friday or Valentine's Day from distorting your machine learning model.

06 February 2018 Engineering

Elasticsearch: Java 9 and Beyond!

By Nik Everett

Version 6.2 of the Elastic stack will officially support running on Java 9 or Java 8. Your choice. Supporting Java 9 has been a pretty wild ride!

31 January 2018 Engineering

NEST and Elasticsearch.Net 6.0: Now GA!

By Stuart CamRuss Cam

We are pleased to release the GA version of the .NET clients for Elasticsearch 6.0

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25 January 2018 Engineering

Moving Custom Ruby Code out of the Logstash Pipeline

By João Duarte

Version 3.1.0 of the Logstash ruby filter allows you to place your inlined ruby code into reusable files and also brings much needed testing capabilities.

17 January 2018 Engineering

Should I use Logstash or Elasticsearch ingest nodes?

By Christian Dahlqvist

Unsure about when to use Logstash or Elasticsearch ingest node? This blog post guides you through the things to consider when making that decision.

16 January 2018 Engineering

Performance Impact of Meltdown on Elasticsearch

By Elastic Engineering

What's the impact of the kernel patches for the Meltdown vulnerability on Elasticsearch?

12 January 2018 Engineering

Document-Level Attribute-Based Access Control with X-Pack 6.1

By Mike Barretta

Thanks to a new feature in Elasticsearch 6.1, attribute-based access control is among the X-Pack security features. Learn about what it is and why you need it!