24 August 2016 Engineering

Monitoring the Search Queries

By Jaleh Dastmalchi-Round

Keep an eye on the search queries your users are throwing at your Elasticsearch cluster and be ready for the demand.

23 August 2016 Engineering

Benchmarking REST client and transport client

By Daniel Mitterdorfer

In this post we compare the performance of the new REST based client coming in Elasticsearch 5.0 with the transport client.

16 August 2016 Engineering

Just Enough Redis for Logstash

By Aaron MildensteinGuy Boertje

Improve the performance of the Redis input plugin with these tips and details.

08 August 2016 Engineering

Elasticsearch: Verifying Data Integrity with External Data Stores

By Chris Earle

This blog goes into some strategies for verifying data integrity, which can be a required when synchronizing data between Elasticsearch and other data stores.

04 August 2016 Engineering

Searching numb3rs in 5.0

By Adrien Grand

Introducing multi-dimensional points, a new feature in Lucene 6.0 that makes searching numbers in Elasticsearch 5.0 better.

03 August 2016 Engineering

The Art of a Pull Request

By Nicolás Bevacqua

Writing a great Pull Request takes time. It can be a scary proposition going in. Did I implement something relevant? Will they like my changes? Let's see.

28 July 2016 Engineering

Getting Started with Elasticsearch and SSL & Native Authentication

By Jason Bryan

Get up and get going with SSL/TLS + Native authentication using Shield for Elasticsearch.

25 July 2016 Engineering

A History of Logstash Output Workers

By Andrew CholakianJordan Sissel

This blog post covers the history of how outputs and output workers work in the pipeline and how to use them most effectively.

21 July 2016 Engineering

Cloud Enterprise - The Architecture

By Igor Kupczyński

An overview of Elastic Cloud Enterprise and its architecture, beginning with what it is and how it differs from our current Elastic Cloud offering.