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14 February 2017 Engineering

Multi-Token Synonyms and Graph Queries in Elasticsearch

By Michael McCandless

Recent improvements finally make it possible to search for multi-token synonyms in Elasticsearch and Lucene and get the correct hits.

13 February 2017 Engineering

We are out of memory (or: Why systemd process limits ruined my day)

By Daniel Mitterdorfer

How do you fix an OutOfMemoryError? Easy: You either have a resource leak to fix or you need to assign more memory. But it's not always such a clear-cut case.

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09 February 2017 Engineering

X-Pack Security for Elasticsearch with Let's Encrypt™ Certificates

By Thom O'Connor

Using the Let's Encrypt certificate authority with the Elastic Stack.

07 February 2017 Engineering

Using Molly to Model and Test Data Replication in Elasticsearch

By Kamala RamasubramanianBoaz Leskes

This past summer, I collaborated with Elastic to model the data replication protocol of Elasticsearch. This is the story of how it went...

31 January 2017 Engineering

Monitoring Logstash Filters: X-ray glasses included

By Suyog Rao

Monitor your Logstash deployment with a combination of APIs and x-pack monitoring features

30 January 2017 Engineering

Kibana Plugin Developers meet Elasticsearch Clusters

By Tyler Smalley

Plugin developers, find out what's coming in Kibana 5.2

25 January 2017 Engineering

RED Elasticsearch Cluster? Panic no longer

By Ali Beyad

Your cluster is RED - you have unassigned shards and your cluster is not fully operational. Introducing a new Elasticsearch API which will save the day.

24 January 2017 Engineering

Kibana and a Custom Tile Server for NHL Data

By Jay Greenberg

In this integration, we explore NHL Play-by-Play data in Elasticsearch & Kibana, then dive into creating a custom WMS tile server for a hockey rink backdrop.