22 November 2016 Engineering

Sparse versus dense document values with Apache Lucene

By Michael McCandless

Lucene's next major release, 7.0, has exciting improvements to doc values, especially helping users with sparse values.

21 November 2016 Engineering

Writing Your Own Ingest Processor for Elasticsearch

By Alexander Reelsen

Learn how to write your own ingest processor plugin in a few steps and start enriching your documents even further!

18 November 2016 Engineering

Logstash Dude, where's my chainsaw? I need to dissect my logs

By Guy Boertje

Introducing Logstash Dissect, an alternative way to extract fields from text

15 November 2016 Engineering

A New Way To Ingest - Part 2

By Christoph Wurm

How to use the new 5.0 Ingest Node with web logs using Filebeat & Elasticsearch and build awesome dashboards quickly!

11 November 2016 Engineering

Every shard deserves a home

By Joshua Backing

Every Shard deserves a home. An explanation of Shard allocation within Elasticsearch.

10 November 2016 Engineering

Artificial Intelligence Dreams, Machine Learning Promises, Behavioral Analytics? - How Elastic and Prelert Fit Together

By Steve Dodson

This post outlines what Prelert does, and how it fits into the plethora of terms and noise used to describe Artificial Intelligence.

18 October 2016 Engineering

The Evolution of Numeric Range Filters in Apache Lucene

By Michael McCandless

Here we describe the historical and present day approach for numeric range filters in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene.

05 October 2016 Engineering

Bootstrap checks: Annoying you now instead of devastating you later!

By Jason TedorNik Everett

Check out the ten new bootstrap checks that are coming along with Elasticsearch 5.0 and how they will help prevent major heartache for you.