20 September 2018 Engineering

Introducing the Analytics API Suite in Elastic App Search

By Kellen Person

13 September 2018 Engineering

Introducing Multi-Language Engines in Elastic App Search

By Kellen Person

Elastic App Search now supports multi-language Engines. See how you can improve already optimized search relevance within your choice of 13 languages.

13 September 2018 Engineering

ActiveRecord to Repository: Changing Persistence Patterns with the Elasticsearch Rails Gem

By Emily Stolfo

Learn how to easily move your Elasticsearch Rails app off of the deprecated ActiveRecord pattern and onto the Repository pattern with a step-by-step example.

12 September 2018 Engineering

Task Management with the NEST Elasticsearch .NET Client

By Stuart Cam

Learn how to manage cluster tasks using the OpaqueId and Elasticsearch .NET NEST client.

11 September 2018 Engineering

Temporal vs. Population Analysis in Elastic Machine Learning

By Rich Collier

11 September 2018 Engineering

Elastic APM Node.js Agent: Now with Restify Instrumentation

By Stephen Belanger

The Elastic APM Node.js agent is now able to identify routes and collect errors for the restify server framework. Upgrade to the latest agent and enjoy!

10 September 2018 Engineering

How We Handle Pull Requests at Elastic

By Daniel Cecil

Want to submit your first pull request (PR) to Elastic? In this post, we outline how we use pull requests, how to submit, and the process when we receive one.

07 September 2018 Engineering

Configuring Elasticsearch in a FIPS 140-2 Environment

By Ioannis KakavasMike Barretta

FIPS 140-2 is an important U.S. Government security standard. Learn how to configure Elasticsearch is able to run in a FIPS 140-2 environment.

06 September 2018 Engineering

What Are You Breathing: Analyzing Air Quality Data with Elasticsearch on Elastic Cloud (Part 1)

By Pablo Pérez

06 September 2018 Engineering

New Country Subdivision Vectors in the Elastic Maps Service

By Nick Peihl

We're adding new country subdivision layers to the Elastic Maps Service so you can take your region map visualizations to a whole new level.

05 September 2018 Engineering

Increasing Memory Efficiency with an Improved Elastic APM Internal Intake Protocol

By Ron Cohen

Learn about the new internal intake protocol we've been working on to increase the memory efficiency and predictability of the APM Server and APM agents.

05 September 2018 Engineering

How to Capture Domain Knowledge in Elastic Machine Learning Jobs with Custom Rules

By Dimitrios AthanasiouPete Harverson

Learn how to use custom rules to customize your Elastic machine learning jobs and capture domain expertise for you use case.