Articles By Matt Riley

16 May 2018 Releases

App Search is Now Generally Available! Here's How to Build It Into Your App

By Matt Riley

Just released: an easy-to-deploy, hosted search engine experience for your applications brought to you by the Elastic App Search Service.

28 February 2018 News

Swiftype App Search Public Beta Now Available for Developers

By Matt Riley

App Search is a search-as-a-service solution built for developers that simplifies the process of building relevant and reliable search experiences.

26 January 2018 News

Replacing Google Site Search (GSS) with Elastic Site Search

By Matt Riley

Google Site Search is shutting down on April 1. Learn about how Elastic Site Search (built on Elasticsearch) can successfully replace GSS.

09 November 2017 News

Swiftype Joins Forces with Elastic

By Shay BanonMatt Riley

There's a whole lot of site search and enterprise search goodness on the horizon.