Observability for today's hybrid cloud architectures and applications

Ingest all your telemetry data with high cardinality and dimensionality, add context, and analyze it in real time for fast root cause analysis.

Learn why observability is fast becoming a strategic imperative for DevOps organizations.

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Take a deep dive into the considerations you should keep in mind when choosing an observability solution.

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Logs, metrics, traces — learn how to identify each type of telemetry data and how they can be leveraged for observability.

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Get visibility across hybrid cloud environments

Ingest metrics, logs, and traces quickly and easily from applications hosted in a data center or on cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, enabling you to seamlessly adopt cloud-native and microservices technologies such as Kubernetes and serverless.

Collect telemetry data seamlessly

Eliminate data and tool silos — ingest all business and operational data with Elastic integrations, including support for open standards and open source projects such as OpenTelemetry, Jaeger, and Prometheus. Efficiently store long-term data at affordable costs to analyze historical trends. In Elastic, all data is a first-class citizen.

See everything in context

Perform interactive analysis (search, drilldown, pivoting, and visualization) or automated analysis (alerting, machine learning-driven anomaly detection) of all your data in context, making it easy to understand correlation and causation across different types of telemetry data.

Leverage machine learning for actionable insights

Get started with all your user, application, and infrastructure data with zero configuration work. Built-in machine learning automatically correlates anomalies to downstream data and dependencies to find the root cause. The data-agnostic machine learning engine can easily be extended to support any data ingested into Elastic.

Explore your data without limits

Search for the "unknown unknowns" using powerful ad hoc visualizations and analysis in Kibana. Run wild with dimensions, tags, cardinality, and fields. Elastic doesn’t limit or dictate how you explore your data. Continuously and quickly explore attributes — host name, IP address, tags — at scale in any way you like, in any order you like, in the visualization you like.

Unparalleled scale and visibility with low TCO so you can instrument and observe everything

Quickly and easily find information, gain insights, and protect your investments whether you run in the cloud or on-premise environments with simple, transparent consumption pricing.

  • Deploy at scale

    Scale up your Elastic Cloud deployment in Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS or with self-managed options: Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) and Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK). With a flexible deployment model, Elastic allows you to retain data gravity and reap the benefits of low latency and scale.

  • Store and explore data to fit your needs

    Balance performance and cost by storing more recent or frequently queried data locally and less-frequently queried data remotely on low-cost object storage.

  • Pay only for what you use

    Instrument and observe everything — with Elastic’s transparent and simple resource-based pricing, your cost comes down to the hardware resources used to store, search, and analyze your data, no matter the use case or the deployment model.

  • While you observe, why not protect?

    As operations and security teams converge, unify operations and security teams on a single platform to monitor application and infrastructure performance while equipping security teams to stop threats quickly with an all-in-one platform for prevention, detection, and response advancing your DevSecOps journey.

Do more with Elastic

Bring the speed, scale, and relevance of Elastic to teams of all types.

  • Security

    Prevent, detect, and respond to threats — quickly and at scale. Because while you observe, why not protect?

  • Enterprise Search

    Powerful, modern search experiences for your workplace, website, or apps.