client.reindex([params, [callback]])

Check the API Conventions and the elasticsearch docs for more information pertaining to this method.



Boolean — Should the effected indexes be refreshed?


DurationString — Time each individual bulk request should wait for shards that are unavailable.


String — Sets the number of shard copies that must be active before proceeding with the reindex operation. Defaults to 1, meaning the primary shard only. Set to all for all shard copies, otherwise set to any non-negative value less than or equal to the total number of copies for the shard (number of replicas + 1)


Boolean — Should the request should block until the reindex is complete.


Number — The throttle to set on this request in sub-requests per second. -1 means no throttle.


DurationString — Control how long to keep the search context alive


Number — The number of slices this task should be divided into. Defaults to 1 meaning the task isn’t sliced into subtasks.


Number — Maximum number of documents to process (default: all documents)


Object, JSON — The request body, as either JSON or a JSON serializable object. See the elasticsearch docs for details about what can be specified here.

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