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From revealing insights into the economy to analyzing data from Mars in real time, Elastic is helping government organizations bring the speed, scale, and security of open source to their mission-critical projects.

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NewSuccessful threat hunting requires inquisitive human threat hunters plus real-time visibility into structured and unstructured systems data.Read More

Threat Hunting

Scale to ingest petabytes of data from firewalls, endpoint agents, detection platforms, and more. Then run ad-hoc queries within seconds of ingest to spot security threats and put the right data into the hands of skilled incident responders for faster resolution. View info pack

IT Operations

Operate your organizations with a 360 view of all machine data. Centralize logs, performance telemetry, network data, and even APM data into a single view of your IT operation. Monitor global distributions through cross-cluster federation of your unified Elastic subscription, all while maintaining access controls to government standards. View info pack

Internet of Things (IoT)

Whether you're collecting telemetry from distant robots or operating a fleet of CONUS or OCONUS assets, Elastic combines flexible data structures and fast analytical queries to create a speed layer for ad-hoc IoT data querying. View info pack

Real-Time Situational Awareness

Ingest and search everything from geodata to metrics to open source intelligence in real time for immediate insight into what’s happening on your projects, assets, or area of responsibility — and ideas for what to do next. Scale to handle the data you need as quickly as you need it and instantly create helpful visualizations to communicate your findings. View info pack

Search at Scale

Structured or unstructured. Text, time series, or geodata. Ingest and query across massive amounts of data, returning relevant results in record time. Elastic is a speed layer for the data you've been leaving on the cutting-room floor. View info pack

IT Modernization

Centralize and quickly search across data from disparate legacy systems to find valuable information you couldn’t reach before. Use robust APIs to build out modern solutions and keep it all secure with features such as encrypted communications and layered access controls. View info pack

Geospatial Analytics

Perform full-scale geotemporal analysis without making sacrifices. Handle sparse data, handle geodata natively, and use Elastic maps to build multi-layered investigations. Index the geoJSON for uncharted territory, then aggregate away. View info pack

Data Security

Use role- and attribute-based access controls to keep your data secure. Put index-, field-, and document-level security controls to work and ensure that the right people have access to the right data — and nothing else. View info pack

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