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Enable decision superiority for operational advantage

The US military uses Elastic to eliminate data silos across commands and weapon systems and swiftly run analytics at the edge, both in garrison and in theater. Find out why.

Gaining actionable insights in real time﹣it starts with search

Elastic is a search company known for maximizing data utility at speed and scale. Our platform helps warfighters collect, correlate, and convey actionable geospatial and temporal insight. Applying approachable machine learning and detection technologies, Elastic makes your data more powerful than ever before.

Connect command with warfighter

Connect command with warfighter

Manage your data from the enterprise to the edge, and from the connected to the disconnected. Elastic enables decisions at the speed of machines, creating a force multiplier. Bring the question to the data even in austere environments, and efficiently move data when communication links are more robust on a source-by-source basis.

Protect the perimeter

Protect the perimeter

Protect connected, disconnected, and intermittently connected networks using Elastic Security’s machine learning. Elastic uses both trained and unsupervised models that protect and detect the adversary across your domain of responsibility.

Unify data for joint all domain operations

Unify data for joint all domain operations

Break down silos and integrate data from diverse sources and domains, then drive comprehensive analysis with an open common schema enabling a consistent way to describe data regardless of source. Elastic makes massive amounts of data searchable in real time to deliver full visibility, safe data sharing, and real-time situational awareness.

Optimize on a single stack

Optimize on a single stack

Use one technology stack to deploy, manage, scale, secure, and train the force. Enable warfighters to focus on getting data-driven decisions for logistics, geospatial, cyber, ITOPs, or any mission that can be enhanced with a faster OODA loop.

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Top of mind topics

  • Data as a force multiplier

    Learn how complete, trusted, up-to-the-minute data powers mission-critical operations.

  • Cyber mission assurance with a core search cluster

    See how Elastic and ECS support the Mission Assurance Decision Support System program for the Navy.

  • Delivering speed, scale, and resilience

    Get insight about achieving the Army's data imperatives at the tactical edge.

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