Elastic for US Civilian Agencies

Spark data break­throughs for reimagined digital government

U.S. civilian agencies use Elastic to search massive amounts of data and apply the insights gained for enhanced mission delivery and citizen services. Find out why.

Data-centricity in all things mission﹣it starts with search

Elastic is a search company known for judicial document discovery, high-performance computing analytics, and homeland security threat hunting. Applying approachable machine learning and detection technologies, Elastic makes your data more powerful than ever before.

Protect the public

Protect the public

Fuel faster reactions and uncover patterns in high-impact scenarios like crime prevention, border protection, and fraud detection. Elastic helps law enforcement teams share data across agencies to empower task forces.

Drive health + scientific research

Drive health + scientific research

Leverage all your data for analysis to predict and prevent disease outbreak, safeguard medical data, and facilitate rapid national response to medical emergencies. Elastic delivers timely, trusted results that are leading to medical breakthroughs and improved outcomes.

Unify visibility across systems

Unify visibility across systems

Ingest and search across disparate datasets with query results returned in seconds instead of minutes or hours. Get a consolidated view of who, what, when and where so you can monitor operations for enhanced mission delivery and citizen services.

Guard against cyber threats

Guard against cyber threats

Build detections that leverage every single piece of data for full-scale monitoring, long-term lookback, and mitigation of cyber threats and vulnerabilities at machine speed. Share critical information faster with drag‑and‑drop visualizations and take action faster with machine learning‑based alerts.

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Top of mind topics

  • Accelerating time to insight

    Learn how to harness the power of Elastic Cloud to make real-time data-driven decisions.

  • Elastic Security in action

    Hear product and mission perspectives from three Elastic Security users — NGA, Maryland Innovation Security Institute, and Valiant.

  • CDM Dashboard with ECS + Elastic

    Built on Elastic, the CDM Dashboard II is a new cyber analytics ecosystem for federal agencies.

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