Articles by Samir Bousseaden


Elastic Security uncovers BLISTER malware campaign

Elastic Security has identified active intrusions leveraging the newly identified BLISTER malware loader utilizing valid code-signing certificates to evade detection. We are providing detection guidance for security teams to protect themselves.


Detecting Exploitation of CVE-2021-44228 (Log4j2) with Elastic Security

This blog post provides a summary of CVE-2021-44228 and provides Elastic Security users with detections to find active exploitation of the vulnerability in their environment. Further updates will be provided to this post as we learn more.


Hunting for Lateral Movement using Event Query Language

Elastic Event Query Language (EQL) correlation capabilities enable practitioners to capture complex behavior for adversary Lateral Movement techniques. Learn how to detect a variety of such techniques in this blog post.


Practical security engineering: Stateful detection

By formalizing stateful detection in your rules, as well as your engineering process, you increase your detection coverage over future and past matches. In this blog post, learn why stateful detection is an important concept to implement.


A close look at the advanced techniques used in a Malaysian-focused APT campaign

Our Elastic Security research team has focused on advanced techniques used in a Malaysian-focused APT campaign. Learn who’s behind it, how the attack works, observed MITRE attack® techniques, and indicators of compromise.