Articles by Joe Desimone


Elastic Security uncovers BLISTER malware campaign

Elastic Security has identified active intrusions leveraging the newly identified BLISTER malware loader utilizing valid code-signing certificates to evade detection. We are providing detection guidance for security teams to protect themselves.


Detecting Cobalt Strike with memory signatures

Signature-based detection — especially in-memory scanning — can be a valuable detection strategy. In this blog, learn how to detect Cobalt Strike regardless of configuration or stealth features enabled with an effective false positive rate of zero.


Hunting In Memory

Threat Hunters are charged with the difficult task of sifting through vast sources of diverse data to pinpoint adversarial activity at any stage in the attack.


Hunting For In-Memory .NET Attacks

As a follow up to my DerbyCon presentation, this post will investigate an emerging trend of adversaries using .NET-based in-memory techniques to evade detection