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  • MM Karton
    MM Karton

    Powering the Search for Real-Time Cost Savings
  • Crimson Macaw
    Crimson Macaw

    Monitoring Airport Security Operations with Canvas & Elasticsearch
  • BAI Communications
    BAI Communications

    Powering the Search for Real-Time Business Analytics
  • Softbank Payment Service
    Softbank Payment Service

    Powering the Search for Payment Service Monitoring and Fraud Detection
  • Telefónica

    Powering the Search for a World-Class Content Delivery Network
  • Cerner

    Powering the Search for Mean Time to Knowledge (MTTK)

    Powering real-time search for online genealogical gesearch with Elasticsearch Service
  • John Deere
    John Deere

    Using ECE to power metrics analytics across farm machines and precision agriculture applications
  • Bell Canada
    Bell Canada

    Streamlining security analytics across one of Canada's largest telecom companies and networks
  • E*Trade

    Powering real-time operational intelligence using Elastic machine learning
  • TV2

    Analyzing data to enhance the experience of streaming video viewers
  • Hill AFB
    Hill AFB

    Powering compliance monitoring and securing a geo-dispersed data center using ECE
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Transitioning from Splunk to Elastic for log monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Night Shift Development
    Night Shift Development

    Answering questions that exposes intelligence and leads to actionable insights using the Elastic Stack
  • McQueen Solutions
    McQueen Solutions

    Best practices for scaling Elasticsearch for search use cases
  • HELK

    Powering advanced cyber-hunting analytics

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