Elastic customer stories of all shapes and sizes

Get insight into how various organizations are using our products to tackle a growing number of use cases.






  • US Army Corps of Engineers benefits from using the Uber H3 global grid system and integrating with Elastic

  • Mentat helps a large public sector client reduce outages and deploy a scalable automation platform with Elastic

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory migrates logging infrastructure to Elastic to handle an increasing amount of data even faster

  • Bluestone Analytics leverages Elastic to support investigations and analysis

  • The Telegraph Media Group increases content syndication opportunities with Elastic

  • How Booking.com is tackling unparalleled growth, complexity, and scale with Elastic

  • Swift transforms product instrumentation to help drive better customer outcomes with Elastic Observability

  • Proficio uses Elastic Security to accelerate cybersecurity threat detection and protect customers.

  • DISH Media boosts ad revenue, engineering efficiency, and customer satisfaction with Elastic Observability

  • T-Mobile improves the availability of the network for up to 6 million customers with Elastic Observability

  • Humanz achieves higher conversion rates across more than 10 million influencer profiles, providing real-time ROI metrics to clients, underpinned by Elastic Enterprise Search.

  • Conscia protects the entire portfolio of their customers, while easing the workload of analysts with Elastic Security.