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Search and discovery at Adobe powered by ML and Elasticsearch

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Gaurav Kukal
Gaurav Kukal

Director of Engineering, Search & Sensei



Search & Discovery team's vision is to be a constant assistant in the whole creative journey of the user, right from the user thinking about an idea, all the way to creation and beyond. This goal is achieved by helping users actively looking into billions of content pieces in an intuitive way, narrowing down their search through multi-modal search capabilities (Text, Images, Video, Audio, Vectors, etc.), anticipating user's next move through smart recommendations, letting them achieve success by one click creative suggestions and personalized recommendations matching their needs in the whole Adobe ecosystem. This talk will cover the scope of use cases and deep dive into key machine learning technologies all running on top of elastic search engine. If you want to apply machine learning at scale for search & recommendation use cases, join us to learn more.

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