Public sector keynote

See the vision for the future of Elastic solutions, from new features to GovCloud availability and FedRAMP authorization. Find out what’s in store for Elastic Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security and see how they’re evolving to help users better mitigate risk, reduce costs, and modernize infrastructures. Plus, see the honorees for this year’s Elastic Search Public Sector Awards and learn about their projects.

Dave EricksonSr. Director, Solution ArchitectureElastic

MISFITS: The challenge of building mission-focused IT systems

Building small, tactical applications is often a challenge. Most organizations are set up for large development efforts, leaving mission teams to do much of their work with spreadsheets. This talk will cover some common roadblocks that can impede mission-focused application development and highlight how Elastic solutions are uniquely situated to help overcome those roadblocks for both technical and nontechnical teams.

Mike BarrettaManager, Federal Solution ArchitectureElastic

Centralized logging in a changing environment at the UK’s DVLA

The UK's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) maintains more than 80 million driver and vehicle records and collects billions a year in Vehicle Excise Duty. Hear how Elastic plays a critical role in the agency’s self-service developer platform that runs alongside Kubernetes and leverages machine learning and alerting capabilities. You’ll also learn about their migration to Elastic Cloud and their goals for SIEM.

Matt DendleEngineering Team LeadDVLA

Protecting against cyber attacks at UC Davis with Elastic

The IT infrastructure at UC Davis covers an enormous range of applications: instructional support, cutting-edge research, business operations, housing, water treatment, electrical distribution, police/fire, and more. Using Elastic for security event management and Elastic Common Schema in their data pipelines, the university can now investigate and respond to incidents in a unified platform using Kibana dashboards.

Jeff RoweSecurity ArchitectUC Davis

How CACI and Elastic support the Department of Defense

CACI is a strategic partner of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) that maintains and enhances the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE), a suite of procure-to-pay applications that support the US Department of Defense (DOD). Learn how the Elastic Stack supports PIEE and how CACI uses Elastic to continuously improve the applications.

Brien HackneySoftware Architect, DevOpsCACI

How South Dakota's BIT defends against cyber threats

Learn how the Security Operations Center within the South Dakota Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (BIT) uses the Elastic Stack to defend the state's expanding remote work force against threats — from leveraging endpoint visibility data to searching across multiple platforms to see an investigation all the way to the end and beyond using automated Kibana detection rules.

Nicholas PenningSecurity Technology EngineerSouth Dakota Bureau of Information and Telecommunications

Security thought leadership in education

Join leaders from all levels of education, from K-12 school districts to private and public higher education, as they discuss how security challenges have changed over time and how their institutions have adopted Elastic to help respond to the increasing threats. Panelists will join us from Birdville ISD, Tufts University, and Indiana University.

Eric LankfordFounding MemberK12 SIX
Lorna L. KoppelDirector of Information SecurityTufts University
Von WelchActing Associate Vice President, Information SecurityIndiana University
Michelle BirdwellDirector, Solutions ArchitectureElastic

Modernizing deployment in any environment with Elastic

Many government organizations were already in various stages of adopting cloud strategies, but with recent global events this movement has dramatically accelerated. Find out how Elastic is helping with this shift by providing agencies with seamless and flexible deployment options that allow them to choose among on-prem, private VPCs, and public SaaS (authorized FedRAMP Moderate on GovCloud) to deploy the right workload in the right place.

Matthew AdamsPrincipal Solutions ArchitectElastic

Elastic, DevSecOps, and the DOD software factory

The Department of Defense (DoD) and many other organizations are moving towards Agile and infrastructure as code (IaC). This shift improves efficiency and provides more robust security, leading to capabilities such as continuous monitoring and shortened authorization to operate timeframes. Learn more about the DoD software factory and how Elastic fits in.

Woody WaltonPrincipal Solutions ArchitectElastic

Securing network operations at University of Nevada - Reno

The University of Nevada - Reno uses Elastic to ingest, analyze, and act upon insights derived from their log, metric, and SIEM data. This interview-style session will explore how the network operations team controls costs, reduces risk, and increases efficiency as they secure their data and their network with Elastic.

Ben GallagherSecurity Analyst, Information SecurityUniversity of Nevada - Reno
Jared PaneSenior Solutions Architect LeadElastic

Lessons learned from Elastic customers

Why do customers continue to invest in Elastic? Hear from a panel of public sector customers on how they adopted Elastic, how they use Elastic today, what they’ve learned along the way, and their plans for Elastic in the future.

Nathan StaceyPrincipal Solutions ArchitectElastic
Rob EllisonPrincipal ArchitectAirwalk Consulting
Ed YardleyChief EngineerValiant
Bogdan NeculaTeam Leader - Operational AnalysisOLAF - European Anti-Fraud Organisation

Cybersecurity: Intelligence, innovation, and information warfare

Companies and governments are increasingly dependent upon innovations in digital technologies to achieve their missions. But as the digital world becomes increasingly complex and interconnected, cybercriminals and nation-state adversaries are taking advantage of the same technological advances and innovating at a rapid pace. If security depends on staying a step ahead, then how should we think about this new world, and how can we succeed in it?

Nate FickGeneral ManagerElastic