Elastic customer stories of all shapes and sizes

Get insight into how various organizations are using our products to tackle a growing number of use cases.

Penske Media

Penske Media Corp. (PMC) expands digital publishing portfolio with Elastic Site Search


OLX delivers trusted trading platforms with Elastic Cloud on AWS

Zurich Insurance Group

Zurich Insurance increases customer trust and underwrites the future with Elastic

Citadel Group

Citadel Group drives global expansion, go-to-market strategy with Elastic Security and Observability


HappyFresh attracts and retains customers during peak shopping periods with App Search on Elastic Cloud

Asian Food Network

Asian Food Network leverages Elastic Site Search to double website ad revenue

Zero Latency

Learn how Elastic prevents frantic gamers from running into warehouse walls and into one another.

Soluciones Bolívar

Soluciones Bolívar expands and sustains digital business with Elastic Cloud


Optimizing satellite communications at sea with Elastic Observability


Monitoring and alerting with Elastic machine learning to discover anomalies

University of Oxford

Building a next generation SIEM with the Elastic Stack at its core


The Elastic Observability journey begins for connected solutions