Elastic customer stories of all shapes and sizes

Get insight into how various organizations are using our products to tackle a growing number of use cases.






  • BigID tames massive data growth with Elastic for scalable security through Elastic Cloud, on AWS

  • Reed.co.uk helps people find the jobs they love and want with Elasticsearch

  • Radio-Canada boosts operation performance by 200% with Elastic on Azure

  • Discover Financial Services cuts storage costs and accelerates data retrieval with Elastic Observability

  • THG gains peace of mind for millions of e-commerce customers with Elastic Security

  • AHEAD deploys Elastic Security machine learning to decrease triage time, reduce false positives, and automate investigation and response

  • Southern Cross Austereo amplifies LiSTNR podcasting platform reach by 5x with Elasticsearch on Google Cloud

  • SNC establishes a robust, in‑house security operations center with Elastic while scaling to ingest a tenfold increase in data

  • BITMARCK helps German health insurers deliver a superior customer experience with Elastic Observability

  • French Civil Security Digital Agency ANSC Improves Its Emergency Response Management Systems with Elastic

  • KPN protects its business and customers from security breaches with Elastic