Elastic on-prem orchestration

Whether you are looking to manage a single cluster through its development phases or herd a fleet of deployments across multiple use cases in your organization, we have the provisioning, management, and orchestration tools to help you be successful in your journey with the Elastic Stack. Simplify operations and increase your productivity with Elastic Cloud Enterprise and Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes — a suite of orchestration products from Elastic, the creators of Elasticsearch.

Elastic Cloud Enterprise

Elastic Cloud Enterprise lets you centrally manage multiple Elastic Stack deployments in your own environment, backed by the same technology that powers Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud.


ECE gives you all the features you need orchestrate your fleet of Elastic deployments with ease.

Features include:
  • Deploy anywhere: bare metal, VMs, private or public cloud
  • Centrally provision, manage, and monitor multiple clusters
  • Resource tagging, and tag-based deployment configuration
  • Online same-day version updates
  • Single-click upgrades & scaling
  • Role-based access control
  • Automated periodic snapshots
  • Optimized resource utilization
  • Container-based resource isolation
  • Access to Platinum level features

24/7 support, 8 support contacts, unlimited incidents and projects, and Platinum level SLAs.

Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes

Built on the Kubernetes Operator pattern, Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) enables you to deploy, orchestrate and operate Elastic products on Kubernetes. If you are searching for the best way to run Elastic Stack on Kubernetes, look no further.


Free forever, build on open code. A great place to begin your journey.

Features include:
  • Deploy Elasticsearch and Kibana on Kubernetes
  • Access to Basic features on all deployments
  • Provision, manage, and monitor multiple clusters
  • Default security and authentication for every deployment
  • Support for hot-warm-cold architectures
  • Configure backups using snapshots


For the fully loaded experience, complete with all the features and the best support coverage.

Everything in Basic plus:
  • Access to Platinum features (such as machine learning, advanced security, and more) on all deployments
  • Platinum level support SLAs, including:
    • 24/7 support coverage
    • 8 support contacts
    • Unlimited incidents and projects

* Customers whose Enterprise subscriptions use ECE/ECE Instances as the billing metric must agree to additional terms before they can access these features. Please contact us.

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