Resource-based pricing

Deploy Elastic in the cloud and take advantage of resource-based pricing which allows you to pay only for resources you consume, independent of the use case. Use the Elastic Platform to solve any number of use cases ranging from search experiences to observability and security.

  • Pay only for the resources you use

    Whether you’re using Elastic in the cloud or self-managed Elastic, the core pricing meter is based on the resources consumed to run your use case. Search, analyze, and visualize your data, independent of your use case or the deployment model. Apply multiple use cases against that data to get more value out of Elastic.

  • Leverage one platform for unlimited use cases

    Use one platform to apply search-powered solutions to any kind of data and multiple use cases. Want to explore your application logs in Elastic SIEM? Go for it. Want to monitor your environment? Go ahead. Pay only for the increase in resource consumption.

  • Scale while managing costs

    Easily scale and add users knowing that your spend only grows according to the resources you consume. You can further reduce resource consumption and costs by leveraging our global presence and product capabilities – all while maintaining performance.

  • Start small in monthly increments

    Start small in monthly increments and pay in arrears based on actual consumption. As your usage grows, you can manage your cloud spend through a pool of committed capacity, leveraging pre-paid cloud credits. This model allows you to benefit from volume discounts to better predict and manage your overall spend.


  • Lower your total cost of ownership

    Read our ebook to learn how to manage all of your data and optimize your cloud costs.

  • How we saved $100,000/month

    Learn how Elastic kept costs down by keeping our own software up to date.

  • Store and search everything

    Easily store and search across AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage, plus, reduce your total cost of ownership.