Elastic Excellence Award Winners

We're privileged to share the stories of Elastic Excellence Award winners from around the world doing remarkable work with Elastic.

We encourage you or someone you know to apply for future awards.

Certified Professional of the Year

  • Felipe Queiroz

    A Solutions Architect based in Brazil, Felipe stood out with his remarkable mastery of Elastic. As a two-time Elastic Gold Contributor within our community, he has created valuable content while helping others with their Elastic Stack journey.

  • Peter Steenbergen

    Peter Steenbergen of the Netherlands is an Elastic consultant who has earned his Elastic certification, harnessed Elastic for his own projects, and influenced the Elastic community by sharing and championing his Elastic knowledge.
  • Flavio Knob

    Flávio Knob

    Our first ever Elastic Certified Professional of the Year, Flávio Knob, mastered the Elastic Stack with Elastic Training, and trial and error. He continues to share his Elastic expertise through organizing meet-ups and writing articles.

Cause Award

  • Archipelagos

    Archipelagos uses Elastic to make climate-pollution intelligence freely available to enable citizens, governments, academia, and industry to rapidly search and visualize climate change and air pollution data in a single cohesive tool.
  • SCiO and CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture

    SCiO has developed GARDIAN, a data discovery framework built using Elasticsearch. The framework supports the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture to enhance the agri-food value chain.
  • The Black Dog Institute

    The Black Dog Institute is using Elastic to predict the onset of mental illness in young people with data sent from volunteers’ cell phones and stored in Elasticsearch.
  • National Crime Agency

    The National Crime Agency is using Elastic to make better informed decisions around their operational activity to cut serious and organized crime.
  • Odyssey Energy Solutions

    Odyssey Energy Solutions embraces the Elastic Stack as a planning tool to deliver power to parts of the globe without electricity while generating critical insights for advancing the energy access sector.
  • Comunidade SysAdminas

    Comunidade SysAdminas is a volunteer group with the objective to support and train women who want to work with IT Infrastructure in Brazil, in SysAdmin and in DevOps roles.
  • NowPow

    NowPow uses Elasticsearch as the foundation for their search and resource matching technology to provide the knowledge needed to get well, care for others, and manage life while living with disease.
  • GuideStar by Candid

    Elasticsearch helps power Candid’s mission to revolutionize philanthropy by providing searchable information that advances non-profit transparency and encourages charitable giving.
  • GirlScript

    GirlScript Foundation uses the Elastic Stack to visualize and track people who fail to learn from online courses, need mentors, and to track people searching for internships or looking for a new job.
  • Pathfinder

    Pathfinder Labs created a search and analytics engine built on Elasticsearch to help investigators all over the world discover and combat child sexual exploitation using law enforcement datasets.
  • Wamasys

    Wamasys offers software and services with the help of Elastic to further their goal of improving access to drinkable water and reducing water prices in underprivileged areas.

    AMPATH created a free healthcare system in western Kenya to care for more than 150,000 patients, regardless of ability to pay. Using the Elastic Stack they've logged over 7 million patient encounters.
  • Libraries Without Borders (Bibliothèques Sans Frontières)

    Libraries Without Borders provides instantaneous insight into digital resource usage, user browsing habits and interests, and provides an impactful and relevant user experience with the Elastic Stack.
  • Dimagi

    Dimagi’s software platform, CommCare, leverages the Elastic Stack to follow and support tuberculosis patients throughout their treatment.
  • Refugee Datathon Munich

    Hear how Suny Kim and Maxi Richt used the Elastic Stack and the power of open data to help activists get reliable, recent data on refugees, and make an impact on the pro-refugee movement.
  • Thorn Innovation Lab

    Thorn’s Innovation Lab builds technology using Elasticsearch to defend children from sexual abuse by working with tech companies, law enforcement, and governments.
  • eHealth Africa

    eHealth Africa uses the Elastic Stack for Ebola-focused call center and health monitoring applications.
  • IST Research

    IST Research uses the Elastic Stack for fighting sex trafficking, slave trade, and supporting humanitarian efforts with their Pulse platform.
  • NoSchoolViolence.org

    NoSchoolViolence.org is reducing school violence with The Lantern, a national security database, with the help of the Elastic Stack.

Business Transformation Award

  • Kin + Carta Europe

    Enterprise Search Winners

    With the help of Elastic, consultancy Kin + Carta Europe and global law firm Linklaters jointly produced a 10x faster search experience and an improved handling of multilingual documents housed in Linklaters' One Legal Se@rch application.


    Observability Winner

    FURUNO embraces Elastic to plot locations of vessels equipped with FURUNO gear and are able to pinpoint sources of network performance in minutes versus days to keep their clients connected at sea.

  • ICF

    Security Winner

    ICF’s cyber team developed a platform using Elastic to enable U.S. Military analysts to identify true anomalies and threat hunt — including insider threats — faster and more effectively.

  • Intelligent Plant

    Intelligent Plant offers an Industrial Internet of Things portal called the Industrial App Store. Elastic provides the store with remote performance monitoring.
  • Telkom Indonesia

    Telkom Indonesia has created an Open API Platform with Elasticsearch to provide accelerated time-to-market and streamlined user onboarding.
  • Leidos

    Leidos has developed a data discovery platform, built with the Elastic Stack, to make petabytes of sensitive mission data searchable and available to US military and intelligence agencies.
  • KeyBank

    KeyBank developed an Enterprise Monitoring Solution built on the Elastic Stack. After implementation, they immediately saw millions of dollars in a Return on investment.
  • PSCU

    PSCU harnessed the Elastic Stack to block millions of dollars in fraud, as well as providing operational insights into customer contact center operations to increase success.
  • T-Mobile

    T-Mobile uses the Elastic Stack to monitor their mobile app’s dynamic, personalized customer experiences, as well as system health in real time.
  • Datasus/ Brazilian Ministry of Health
    Asper TI

    Asper TI uses the Elastic Stack to track patient procedures in the public health services of the State of Santa Catarinais, which can be tracked across all of the Ministry of Health’s applications.
  • Infotrack

    InfoTrack is a technology company that helps businesses and individuals to succeed in the digital age by providing integrated search and innovative services for property, company, and personal needs.
  • The Warehouse Group

    The Warehouse Group’s Validated Returns solution feeds all point-of-sale data into Elasticsearch, improving the speed and quality of retailer service at the returns desk, and to help reduce fraud.
  • UK Department for Work and Pensions

    The Child Maintenance Service agency within the UK's Department for Work and Pensions uses the Elastic Stack to help the Live Service Support team be more proactive for caseworkers and citizens.
  • Bayer AG

    Bayer’s cloud solution, built on the Elastic Stack, operates as the single source of truth for Bayer’s licensed data providing scalable, convenient access for both programmatic and non-expert use.
  • CACI

    CACI and the US Defense Logistics Agency uses the Elastic Stack for global supply chain maintenance for the US military services, the Coast Guard, and other federal agencies, partners, and allies.

Solve with Search Award

  • Maryland Innovation and Security Institute (MISI)

    The MISI Security Operations Center provides continuous monitoring for small and medium sized businesses in the defense industrial base. They are able to produce relevant data insights, inspiring strategic results-driven action powered by Elastic SIEM.

Innovation Award

  • US Army Corps of Engineers Navigation R&D

    The Army's Integrated Navigation Analysis and Visualization Platform, bolstered by Elastic, successfully ensured a cost-effective maintenance plan for the taxpayer money allocated annually to maintain coastal ports and inland waterways across the United States.
  • Centro de Domótica Integral de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

    CeDInt-UPM researchers have developed an Internet of Things platform using the Elastic Stack to control smart buildings, smart lighting, and smart greenhouses.
  • WiseVine

    WiseVine has created an Elasticsearch database to connect government and private enterprise at the early stages of the public procurement process.
  • Stormfish Scientific

    Stormfish Scientific relies on the Elastic Stack to better understand how virtual reality and augmented reality impacts accuracy, timeliness, and confidence for empowering mission-critical decision making.
  • reelyActive

    reelyActive applies Elasticsearch to physical spaces, helping hospitals minimize workplace stress and banks reduce office space for an optimal work environment.
  • CSX Technology

    The Elastic Stack has provided CSX with the speed and flexibility needed in developing an enterprise streaming data platform including data pertaining to fuel consumption and train safety.
  • SolveBio

    SolveBio uses the Elastic Stack to deliver solutions to large pharma companies, helping them leverage large amounts of complex molecular data for exploratory research and clinical drug development.
  • Jet.com

    Built on Elasticsearch, Jet.com seamlessly integrates both textual and visual product information into a single index leading to a natural and coherent way to support multimodal searches.
  • Zero Latency

    Zero Latency created a free-roam, eight-player virtual reality experience using the Elastic Stack Design to create experiences in limited physical space while ensuring safe distances at all times.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management

    Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management uses the Elastic Stack to power its asset management services program to produce stable, long-term financial results for institutions and individual investors.
  • imec

    The imec Innovation Services and Solutions division helps innovators, entrepreneurs and universities realize hardware and software by providing design, low-cost prototyping, and volume production.
  • Agroknow

    Agroknow developed FOODAKAI to collect all food safety data announced worldwide. FOOKAKAI is a searchable database that users can use to perform intelligent analytics on top of the data.

Public Sector Award

  • King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    King’s College’s platform, Cogstack AI, a natural language processing tool powered by Elasticsearch helps doctors break down data silos to search through patient data across a huge hospital record to surface critical clinical information to improve patient outcomes.

Thank you, again

Our community astonishes us on a daily basis. Cheers to your projects (and the new ones brewing) that are doing good in the world.