The Elastic Search Platform: Maximizing data utility in public sector


Public sector IT leaders recognize that data drives the art of the possible and continually seek new ways to extract the full value of data, often for digital modernization initiatives or enhanced cyber protection. At Elastic, we believe the best way to extract the full value of data is to put that data to work — see how we do it with the Elastic Search Platform for Public Sector.

At ElasticON Global 2021, Suzzanna Martinez and John Harmon shared how Elastic maximizes data utility for enhanced mission delivery, citizen services, and education with trusted search, observability, and security solutions. From providing powerful website, workplace, or application search functionality to critical infrastructure monitoring to fly away kits for threat hunting, Elastic is known for helping public sector customers achieve their data-dependent use cases. And as IT leaders seek better protections due to more aggressive cyber threats, Elastic offers Limitless XDR, which modernizes security operations, enables analytics across all data, automates key processes, and brings native endpoint security to every host.

Empowering people to find and share insights, simply

People are a key component of the IT and operational framework. But what happens when people can’t find the information they need to do their jobs, to engage with the government, or to complete their studies? IDC data shows that the inability for people to find information results in staggering costs to enterprises. At Elastic, we equip people with the power of search so that they can find and share insights, simply. Learn more about Elastic Enterprise Search tools like:

Furnishing analytical insight to optimize your ecosystem

Productivity is another key component of the IT and operational framework. But what happens to productivity when software, networks, or application errors cause an entire data center to go down? ITIC data shows that enterprises face crippling costs due to downtime and the resultant unproductivity. At Elastic, we furnish IT leaders with analytical insight to keep their ecosystems running in tip top shape so that end users remain productive. Learn more about Elastic Observability tools like:

Engineering limitless detection and precision response

Protection is the final key component of the IT and operational framework. But what happens when cyber and financial criminals double down on their malicious activities? Cybercrime Magazine and Juniper Research data show that costs associated with these crimes will grow year-over-year. At Elastic, we help IT leaders avoid these costs and protect critical infrastructure, resources, and data from an increasingly aggressive threat landscape with limitless detection and precision response. Learn more about Elastic Security tools like:

Explore your art of the possible

Because Elastic is a free and open platform, a number of our public sector users begin using Elastic for enterprise search or observability use cases and expand their usage to achieve their security use cases. A great example of this is Oak Ridge National Laboratory, who uses Elastic’s platform to monitor their exascale environment and protect their supercomputing enterprise network. Check out some of their lessons learned and best practices in their ElasticON Global presentation entitled Exascale computing with Elastic. Likewise, i3 has taken search to the next level for law enforcement use cases with Elasticsearch and Kibana visualization. Learn more in their ElasticON Global presentation entitled Empowering radical advancements in law enforcement analysis using Elastic.

There’s no better way to extract the full value of your data then to see it in action. So to borrow a military phrase, we encourage you to “kick the tires and light the fires” with a free 30-day trial of the Elastic Search Platform for Public Sector — on FedRAMP GovCloud, on the cloud marketplace, or on premises. Learn more at