Web and ecommerce search

Crawl and search your website with ease

Elastic Enterprise Search provides the tools you need to build powerful website and ecommerce search — with no learning curve. The maintenance-free crawler keeps content current, while intuitive customization features and robust analytics provide full control over search relevance. All that, at scale, backed by Elasticsearch.

Get an overview and demo of Elastic Site Search to easily create search tailored for your site.

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Learn how Twilio delivers fast and powerful search with Elastic Site Search.

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In 8.2, use time-saving relevance-tuning and analytics tools with existing Elasticsearch indices without the need to migrate or update data structures.

Ready, Set, Search

Search in three easy steps

Elastic Enterprise Search makes powerful search simple: for the developers who build it, the business people who manage and optimize it, and the users who engage with it every day. Click to crawl, drag-and-drop to tune. See? Simple.

  • Crawl

    Enter your site’s address, and let the powerful web crawler handle the rest.

  • Install

    Implement a few lines of code to your site to add a search box powered by Elasticsearch.

  • Customize

    Fine-tune your users' search experience with boosts, weights, and synonyms.
  • Real-Time Crawling

    Capture content changes automatically

    Use the web crawler to keep your search index fresh with auto updates Or if you want, manually reindex specific pages or your entire website from an intuitive dashboard.

  • Advanced Search Algorithm

    Deliver better results with better technology

    Provide relevant results for even the most complicated queries by using autocorrect, bigram matching, stemming, synonyms, and more.

  • Result Tuning

    Adjust relevance to boost engagement

    Personalize your result sets with simple relevance tuning tools. Use a straightforward interface to easily adjust page ranking or add weights and synonyms.

  • Applied Search Analytics

    Insight-driven improvement

    Analyze search behavior in real time from built-in analytics dashboards, and then use that data to optimize your engine specific to your users' needs.

Use Cases

So what exactly can I build?

A helpful website delivers stellar answers in record time. With curated relevance, Elastic Enterprise Search helps your visitors and customers find exactly what they’re looking for on the first try. It’s guaranteed to make them keep coming back.

  • Knowledge base
  • Support
  • Ecommerce
  • Publications
  • Higher education

Website Search Made Better

Powerful relevance, powerful customization

Elastic Enterprise Search is Elasticsearch with relevance models optimized for real-life search. Not only can you take advantage of unrivaled relevance, you also get typo-tolerance, bigrams, stemming, adaptive relevance, and more, right out of the box.

  • Built-in analytics

    Track and analyze search behavior and performance to determine how your search engine can be customized and improved.

  • Autocomplete

    Suggest results as a query is typed, allowing customers to find the right content before they even finish their thoughts.

  • Faceted search

    Add filters to help users refine search results with attributes such as date, price, author, location, or content type.

  • Custom result ranking

    Fine-tune results using an intuitive interface to deliver the most relevant results by default for every search.

  • Weights

    Meet business objectives by adjusting search relevance to promote content that improves success and conversion rates.

  • Synonyms

    Direct users to the right content, no matter the query by creating associations between search terms.


Use pre-built tools or build your own experience

Need more flexibility for search? With Elasticsearch, you can develop your own custom website or ecommerce experience from scratch using our extensible APIs, integrations, and bleeding-edge machine learning.

Scale, tune, repeat

Keep growing, keep improving

Easily create new search engines for all of your domains and subdomains, and crawl each with the click of a button. Then use powerful, in-depth search analytics to gain insight into user behavior, so you can tune to your engines for your audience.

Migrating from an existing search platform?

With specialized tools and expert knowledge, we can help make your move a worry-free experience.