SIEM for the modern SOC

Detect and respond to tomorrow’s threats. Harness any data source at cloud scale. Achieve greater control at the host layer. Implement any security use case, and scale quickly. Advance operational maturity with free and open Elastic Security.
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Learn about the Elastic Common Schema, an approach for applying a common data model.

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Apply host data from your Linux systems to detect threats with Auditbeat.

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Love the Elastic Stack for security analytics? Take the next step in defense with Elastic SIEM.

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Detect and respond faster with 7.13, which simplifies the adoption and use of osquery.

SecOps at the speed of Elasticsearch

Take a new approach to SIEM. Scale your data fabric across multi-cloud environments. Analyze and enrich years of data. Unify analyst workflows and integrate with third-party technologies. Advance operational maturity with a platform for active threat management and incident response.


Speed wins

See search results in seconds with the speed of schema-on-write architecture. Explore custom dashboards, drill into events of interest, and pivot through underlying data.

Operate at scale

Handle security data by the petabyte. Hunt and investigate across years of data made accessible by searchable snapshots. Enable global analysis with cross-cluster search.

Protect while you collect

Collect host data and block malware and ransomware. Operationalize osquery. Deploy Elastic Agent environment-wide — it’s free and open, after all — and fulfill new use cases in just a click.

Ingest everything

With prebuilt data integrations, centralize information from your cloud, network, endpoints, applications — any source you’d like. Need a new integration? Collaborate with the Elastic community to build it.

Establish a holistic view

Gathering environmental activity and context is a vital first step to protect your company. Next, enable uniform analysis with Elastic Common Schema (ECS). The solution makes it easy to centrally analyze information from across your environment — no matter how disparate your data sources.

Streamline SecOps workflows

Elastic Security equips analysts to tackle threats. Triage events and perform investigations, gathering findings on an interactive timeline. Gather host data with osquery and glean insight with ad-hoc correlation. Maintain momentum with built-in case management and third-party workflow integrations.


Gain visibility into your environment

Explore data with dashboards. Access contextually relevant data on aggregation charts throughout the UI. Search across any kind of information, as far back as you need — searchable snapshots make it financially feasible to extend the breadth and duration of data visibility. And do it all with the technology fast enough for the quickest analysts.

Surface anomalies with machine learning

Expose unknown threats with anomaly detection. Arm threat hunters with evidence-based hypotheses. Uncover threats you expected — and others you didn’t. Achieve rapid value with prebuilt ML jobs and ready-to-use algorithms.

Automate detection with high-fidelity rules

Continuously guard your environment with correlation rules that detect even unknown behaviors and tools indicative of potential threats. Compare against threat indicators and prioritize accordingly. Cut to what matters with preconfigured risk and severity scores. Detections are aligned with MITRE ATT&CK® and publicly available for immediate implementation.

A SIEM for everyone

We have a unique vision of what SIEM should be: Fast, powerful, and open to security analysts everywhere.

One agent, many use cases

Prevent, detect, and respond

If you’ve deployed an agent to collect endpoint data, why not also prevent malware and ransomware with that same agent? Elastic Security prevents, detects, and responds to threats — all with a single agent, available free and open.

Resource-based pricing

Say goodbye to gotchas

Elastic licensing is predictable and flexible, with no pricing by ingest, app, or endpoint. Just deploy the resources you need and adjust them as your vision grows and evolves. Refreshing, right?

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Cloud-ready, deployable anywhere

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Deploy Elastic Security in the cloud or on-prem. Choose Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud for simplified management and scaling, or Elastic Cloud Enterprise to maintain complete control. 

Have questions? Visit the Elastic Security documentation or join the Elastic Security forum.

What just happened?

Auditbeat created an index pattern in Kibana with defined ECS fields, searches, visualizations, and dashboards. In a matter of minutes you can start viewing the latest system audit information in Elastic Security.

Didn't work for you?

Auditbeat module assumes default operating system configuration. See the documentation for more details.

Security events are just the start

Have metrics? Traces? Documents with tons of text? Centralize it all in the Elastic Stack to enrich security analytics, power new use cases, and reduce operational complexity.



Fast and scalable logging that won't quit.



Do the numbers: CPU, memory, and more.



Get insight into your application performance.