Articles by Suzzanna Martinez

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Elastic


How public sector organisations connect people with data in the United Kingdom

Public sector leaders gathered in London to discuss how they use data to protect countries from cyber threats, enable police to make discerning decisions, and analyze data for public health breakthroughs. Presentation highlights are captured here.


6 cybersecurity must-haves for innovative public sector leaders

As digital risks escalate, public sector leaders take the actions necessary to protect people, systems, and data. A new cybersecurity benchmark study reveals where these leaders should focus their time and attention.


5 ways search can modernize digital experiences in public sector

In their roles within government or educational institutions, Customer Experience (CX) professionals apply human-centered design principles. How does search fit into the equation? Elastic outlines five ways.


Better search can help government serve people when they need it most

From enhancing website, workplace, and application search and data sharing to keeping websites performant, Elastic stands ready to support government leaders improve digital customer experiences.


How Oak Ridge National Laboratory optimized its supercomputers with Elastic

As Oak Ridge National Laboratory brings its newest supercomputer online, their analytics and monitoring team explained how Elastic keeps it stable and helps find efficiencies and cost savings


5 needle movers in public sector data strategy for 2022

With lessons learned from the pandemic top of mind, public sector leaders will apply these five insights in the way they execute their documented data strategies this year.


How Elastic brings speed, scale, and ease to real-time situational awareness

In this Q&A, find out how real-time situational awareness played a significant role in a former Air Operations Center operator’s daily workflow, and how technology speeds up the OODA loop in mission critical scenarios.


The Elastic Search Platform: Maximizing data utility in public sector

At Elastic, we believe the best way to extract the full value of data is to put that data to work. See how the Search Platform for Public Sector helps maximize data utility for enhanced mission delivery, citizen services, and education.