Articles by Paul Smalera


Elastic joins Data Cloud Alliance as founding member

This partnership brings together the most widely-adopted and fastest-growing enterprise data platforms to enable organizations to accelerate the pace of digital transformation with new data integrations, common industry models, and talent training.


Why Elastic Cloud is the best way to use Elastic

At Elastic, we believe that the best way to use our products and solutions is on the cloud. Here's why.


How Oak Ridge National Laboratory optimized its supercomputers with Elastic

As Oak Ridge National Laboratory brings its newest supercomputer online, their analytics and monitoring team explained how Elastic keeps it stable and helps find efficiencies and cost savings


Don’t run AWS without monitoring it with Elastic Observability

Elastic’s solution works with Amazon’s AWS S3 service to ingest and read performance data and metrics, to create a clear, actionable dashboard of system performance, allowing developers to see baseline performance and instantly detect anomalies.


What is Elastic Observability?

Here you’ll find the latest and most important blogs, resources, web content and information about Elastic Observability.


Chief Customer Success Officer Rick Laner has a map and mission for customer success

Rick Laner has built a career out of relentless focus on the customer, scaling high growth organizations to match their ambitions. Now he brings that experience to Elastic.