Elastic joins Data Cloud Alliance as founding member


Elastic is partnering with Google Cloud and eight other data organizations to launch the Data Cloud Alliance–an initiative to accelerate the pace of digital transformation for organizations around the world by expanding data accessibility, integrations for better insights and action.

Every business is facing growing pressure to reach new customers, develop new products, and adhere to complex regulatory environments. The Data Cloud Alliance has been designed to provide businesses with easier access to their data, along with the analytical and AI capabilities they need to scale, with the most widely-adopted and fastest-growing enterprise data platforms. 

Elastic is committed to supporting the cloud migration of our customers and expanding the accessibility, reliability, and security of data. That’s why we are joining Google Cloud, Accenture, Confluent, Databricks, Dataiku, Deloitte, Fivetran, MongoDB, Neo4j, Redis, and Starburst to redefine the modern data stack. 

Through this partnership, Google Cloud will provide infrastructure, API, and integration support for all environments – whether on-prem, public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid. All partners will collaborate on new, common industry data models, processes, and platform integrations to increase data portability and reduce complexity associated with data governance and global compliance. The alliance will also explore ways to drive the next wave of innovation in data and aims to expand training and education to new practitioners in modern data and analytics technologies.

“Successful digital transformation requires data to be accessible across systems, platforms, and environments,” said Shay Banon, Founder and CTO, Elastic. “We are proud to partner with Google Cloud and the Data Cloud Alliance members to help customers build a strong data foundation through open data access, sharing, and integration.” 

Elastic was founded with a mission to provide customers with world-class search capabilities on their websites and applications, and has built upon that foundation to provide customers with industry-leading observability and security solutions on a single platform. The best way for Elastic to make customers’ data easier to access and interpret is to use Elastic on the cloud.

The Data Cloud Alliance will remove barriers for customers and enable our community to unify access to their data across clouds and applications. Elastic’s partnership with Google Cloud has long focused on such capabilities, to the delight and success of businesses of all industries and sizes. We’ve worked to tighten our data integrations, make data ingestion easier, and have been honored for our efforts. For Elastic, the Data Cloud Alliance is a perfect union. Read more to learn about how to get started with Elastic on Google Cloud.