Elastic and Google Cloud now offer tighter data integration


Today we are excited to share the latest developments in our ongoing partnership with Google Cloud, and what that means to you as you stream, store, search and analyze your data. Now our joint DevOps and DevSecOps customers can leverage native integrations to ship data to Elastic from BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, and Pub/Sub without installing additional software or configuring YAML files. These integrations help you focus on what’s most critical to your business, instead of shouldering the operational overhead of installing and maintaining additional software and configurations.

In addition, our joint application developer customers can now leverage a Google Cloud Firestore extension to make it as frictionless as possible to add search capabilities to Firestore applications. Why spend time on operational overhead when you could be working to add fast, scalable, and relevant search capabilities to your mobile app?

In this blog you will learn about each of these integrations, common use cases, and where to go for help getting started. First, take a look at how Google Cloud and Elastic are committed to helping you get the most out of your data with these expanded integrations.


"The expanded partnership between Google Cloud and Elastic is exciting news for joint customers who wish to do more across analytics with seamless integration between Elastic and Dataflow, Pub/Sub, Firebase, Data Storage as well as BigQuery. Together we are helping customers accelerate time to insights."

Evren EryurekDirector of Product Management, Google Cloud

“Elastic is committed to providing customers with a frictionless experience of Elastic on Google Cloud, giving them the simplest way to take advantage of the powerful search and analysis capabilities of Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack right from within the Google Cloud console. These integrations help organizations focus on what is critical to their business while getting the most value out of their Elastic deployment.”

Uri CohenSenior Director of Product Management, Elastic


BigQuery is a popular serverless data warehouse solution that makes it possible to centralize data from different sources, such as custom applications, databases, web clickstreams, or even Elasticsearch. You can use BigQuery as a data warehouse solution and the Elastic Stack as a search and visualization solution. To enhance the experience for both solutions, Google and Elastic have worked together to provide a simplified way to ingest data from BigQuery tables and views to the Elastic Stack. This is possible with just a few clicks in the Google Cloud Console, without installing additional software for data shippers or ETL (extract, transform, load) tools. Check out the blog to learn more about this integration, and how you can get started.


Building an effective search experience within an application can be challenging. Users expect fast results, whether they are searching for a product in your store, an article on your support site, or a post in your company blog. Now you can easily build fast, scalable and relevant search experiences into your Firestore applications with the Elastic App Search extension for Google Cloud Firestore. Learn more about adding search to your applications in this blog, as well as how to get started in just a few clicks.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage (GCS) is an object storage solution that is often used for data backup, as well as archival of system logs. Now you can ingest logs and events stored in GCS to the Elastic Stack in a few clicks within the Google Cloud Console. This integration provides you with an easy-to-use, low-friction way to ingest data, so you can troubleshoot, monitor, or look for security anomalies using Elasticsearch and Kibana. Take a look at the blog to learn more about this integration, as well as the steps required to get started.


Pub/Sub is a popular serverless asynchronous messaging service used to stream data from Google Operations (formerly Stackdriver), applications built using Google Cloud services, or other use cases involving streaming data integration pipelines. Elastic makes it easy to stream events and logs such as Google Cloud Audit logs, VPC Flow logs, or firewall logs directly into the Elastic Stack. This integration leverages DataFlow templates, so no additional software or configurations are required. Find out more about this integration and how to get started in this blog.

Learn and try

Learn more about these integrations by reading the BigQuery, Cloud Storage, and Pub/Sub documentation or the Firebase extension page for the Firestore technical details. If you are ready to get started, you can log into the Google Cloud Console, navigate to any of these services, and start shipping data to Elastic and enhance your search experience.