Introducing Elastic Insights magazine


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Elastic today launched Elastic Insights, a new digital magazine for technology leaders about how to better drive results that matter for your organization.  

The theme of this issue is “The Future of Unstructured Data.” This report examines how leaders create growth, resilience, and order from chaos with a set of solutions and processes. We focus on the impact of search-powered technologies to help businesses achieve the outcomes they expect from cloud-driven digital transformation.

“Almost 90% of all the data that matters to any given enterprise is unstructured, according to IDC,” writes Rick Laner, Elastic’s Chief Customer Officer and the guest editor of this debut issue.

“Thinking about the hundreds of technology leaders that I’ve advised, that means that without the right processes and technology, they’d only have a view into 10% of their company,” he writes. “No one can make smart decisions that way.”

Search-powered technologies enable the search of data across multiple sources such as websites, applications, databases, and hybrid cloud environments, according to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Elastic. 

Contributor and noted tech writer Rusty Weston highlights the impact of search-powered technology in our feature article. Additional articles featuring advice and interviews from our expert contributor network cover digital transformation, customer experience, cybersecurity, and observability challenges that digital business leaders have faced and overcome. 

Elastic Insights will be published quarterly, encompassing the latest research and insights that Elastic’s partners, customers, and Elasticians have to offer. Be sure to download this issue to be informed of future releases.

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