How Elastic brings speed, scale, and ease to real-time situational awareness


Real-time situational awareness (RTSA) done right provides complete, actionable information about what is going on around the operating environment at the moment and enables accurate decision making and data sharing easily, rapidly, and securely. RTSA has real world impact on a number of use cases, including network management and cybersecurity, supply chain management, military operations, public safety and emergency response, port of entry and logistics security, and campus or facility security.

In this blog, we explore what RTSA done right means to someone who has had boots on the digital ground – a former command and control (C2) system operator.

RTSA from the C2 operator’s perspective

Q: As a former operator in an Air Operations Center (AOC) environment, what are the essential things you needed to have real-time situational awareness?

In that role, I needed to know where assets were, be it people, equipment, fuel, munitions, and other sensor data, and know where adversary assets were as well. Because I’m a very visual person, seeing these items on a map was especially helpful to me. Additional details on assets such as flight times and fuel burn help to know whether to move assets from one current tasking to another. Another useful feature to have is weather data in machine language so that it’s immediately usable in this type of dynamic environment.

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