Endpoint security

Anti-malware and anti-ransomware, built for Elastic Security

Elastic Agent stops malware and ransomware and enables environment-wide visibility and advanced threat detection. It’s free and open, ready for scale, and built for performance.
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Behavioral ransomware prevention — effective across an array of ransomware families — is now available in Elastic Security 7.12.

Secure your endpoints in a snap

Prevent malware and ransomware. Collect rich endpoint data. With Elastic Agent, that’s just the start.

Prevent malware and ransomware

Leverage machine learning to block unknown and polymorphic malware and ransomware before execution.

Alert with higher fidelity

Harness deep data visibility to power centralized threat detection and machine learning.

Hunt and investigate faster

Add rich endpoint context to accelerate investigations and improve incident response.

Proven anti-malware

Unified protection, for everyone

Secure your organization with Elastic Security, delivering signatureless anti-malware, behavioral ransomware prevention, and deep endpoint visibility.

Stop malware

Secure your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints. Prevent malware execution and enable the detection of advanced threats. Powered by the Elastic Security research team and our global community.

Enhance SecOps visibility

Monitor your environment and hunt for threats with kernel-level data collection and purpose-built dashboards. Quickly access contextually relevant information via built-in visualizations.

Detect advanced threats

Activate prebuilt rules to detect advanced threats across all of your endpoints. Spot anomalies with out-of-the-box machine learning jobs. Customize or create content to address threats unique to your industry or environment.

Triage and respond efficiently

Quickly analyze detailed data from across your endpoints. Examine host-based activity with interactive visualizations. Integrate response workflows with external orchestration and ticketing tools.

One solution, multiple use cases

Handle multiple use cases with just one agent and activate new features with a single click. Elastic Agent enables endpoint security with a small footprint, so you can deploy broadly. And with the power of Elastic Security, you’re always ready for your next use case.

Plus all the goodness of Elastic

Elastic Security provides a universe of capabilities to enrich and extend your use case.