Articles by Bernhard Suhm

Product Marketing - Machine Learning, Elastic


Elastic Stack 8.9: Faster cross-cluster searches and aggregations on metrics

Elastic Stack 8.9 delivers significant speed-up of aggregations for metrics, faster and more reliable cross-cluster searches, and management of alert rules using Terraform.


How to get the best of lexical and AI-powered search with Elastic’s vector database

Elastic has all you should expect from a vector database — and much more! You get the best of both worlds: traditional lexical and AI-powered search, including semantic search out of the box with Elastic’s novel Learned Sparse Encoder model.


Accessing machine learning models in Elastic

Bring your own transformer models into Elastic to use optimized embedding models and NLP, or integrate with third-party transformer modes such as OpenAI GPT-4 via APIs to leverage more accurate, business-specific content based on private data stores.


Go behind the scenes of image similarity search and understand the five components that implementing similarity search applications entails, and become familiar with the technical considerations that are critical for performance.


Overview of image similarity search in Elasticsearch

Searching through images to find the right one has always been a challenge. But with image similarity search, you can create a more intuitive search experience. Learn more about image similarity search in Elastic.


Elastic Stack & Cloud: Start from AWS in 3 clicks, learn about Elastic’s serverless vision

Get started from the AWS marketplace in just 3 clicks. Discover a vision for serverless built on a new stateless Elasticsearch architecture. Benefit accelerated time to insights, ease of use for a wide range of ML models, including vector search.