Kubernetes monitoring

Your apps and environment are evolving, so is the Elastic Stack. Collect, analyze, and correlate logs, metrics, and traces from containers, applications, and services running on top of Docker and Kubernetes — all in one place.

Getting started with Elasticsearch: Store, search, and analyze with the free and open Elastic Stack.

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Intro to ELK: Get started with logs, metrics, data ingestion and custom vizualizations in Kibana.

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Getting started with Elastic Cloud: Launch your first deployment.

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Bring Kubernetes logs, metrics, and traces together

Start streaming your logs from applications running on Kubernetes with a single command. Pull in infrastructure telemetry, Prometheus metrics, and Jaeger traces — and analyze distributed traces with open-source Elastic APM agents. Hit the ground running with the prebuilt Kibana dashboards, and search through them all in the Metrics app.


Leverage Kubernetes service discovery

The autodiscover feature in Metricbeat and Filebeat keeps you up-to-date with changes in your environment. Automate the addition of modules and log paths and dynamically adapt your monitoring settings using Docker and Kubernetes API hooks. Then append the metadata so you know where all the data originated.

Cloud-Native Metrics

Ship Prometheus metrics

Capture and ship metrics using the Prometheus module for Metricbeat. Grab the metrics that Prometheus is collecting by connecting to the Prometheus server and pull already collected metrics using either the /metrics endpoint or the Prometheus Federation API. Alternatively, you connect Metricbeat directly to your Prometheus exporters and push gateways. Learn more about Prometheus metrics and the Elastic Stack.

Distributed Tracing & Opentracing

Trace transactions with Elastic APM

Bring your application metrics to the Elastic Stack with Elastic APM. String transactions together with a distributed trace and get a clear view of how your services are interacting. Plus, it’s OpenTracing compliant so you can reuse existing instrumentation to work directly with spans and traces in Elastic APM.

Get started in minutes

Pull your data into the Elastic Stack and keep an eye on your deployments in a few steps.

What just happened?

Filebeat created an index pattern in Kibana with defined fields, searches, visualizations, and dashboards. In a matter of minutes you can start exploring your logs from your app and services running in Kubernetes.

Didn't work for you?

Filebeat module assumes default log locations, unmodified file formats, and supported versions of the products generating the logs. See the documentation for more details.

You're in Good Company

Don’t take our word for it

Learn how eBay collects logs and metrics from their applications in Kubernetes.


Containers are just one place to start

Have network data? Infrastructure logs? Documents with tons of text? Centralize it all into the Elastic Stack and enrich your analyses, streamline your workflows, and simplify your architecture.



Fast and scalable logging that won't quit.



Do the numbers: CPU, memory, and more.



Get insight into your application performance.