Get real-time visibility into your Kubernetes ecosystem

Bring logs, metrics, and traces from your Kubernetes cluster — and the workloads running on it — into a single, unified solution. Dynamic service discovery, central agent management, and enriched telemetry data from your clusters allow you to quickly identify issues with your applications, services, and environment.

Learn why Elastic was named an EMA Top 3 Award winner in Observability.

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Manage and monitor your Kubernetes environment with Elastic Observability.

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Use Elastic's Beats module to monitor your Kubernetes orchestration and application performance.

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Automatic discovery of dynamic workloads

Dynamic workloads need dynamic monitoring, and when you run applications in containers they become ephemeral. Autodiscovery lets you keep an eye on your Kubernetes services and components, wherever they are running, while metadata enrichment on ingest allows you to filter, track, and identify common attributes of the system.


Leverage open standards

Native tools to ingest logs, metrics, and traces, with support for open standards, including OpenTelemetry for metrics and traces, and multiple ingest options for Prometheus metrics, including support for PromQL queries for metrics collection.


Get started in minutes

With central management provided by Fleet and Elastic Agent, full-stack Kubernetes observability is just a few clicks away, with support for hundreds of out-of-the-box services or services with custom data formats. Plus, with runtime fields, you don't need to even know the format up front.


In-depth analytics of your entire ecosystem

Get deep insights into your Kubernetes cluster and the services running on it, including the Kubernetes nodes, control plane components, and your workloads. — Quickly navigate to related logs, metrics, or traces, in context, for faster and more efficient troubleshooting.


Navigate the sea of pods

A correlated and contextualized experience for ad hoc analysis reduces complexity related to distributed microservice architectures and surfaces problems easier.

  • Actionable insights

    Threshold-based alerting enables you to easily track the performance and availability relative to your SLOs/SLAs. Use error budgets to determine when to deploy new features and updates in your ecosystem.

  • Discover unknown unknowns

    Detect outliers in response times or error rates with machine learning-based anomaly detection. Identify problematic services or geographies to uncover the unknown unknowns in your logs with log categorization.

  • Automated correlation

    Analyze problematic transactions and automatically identify contributing factors to find the root cause of problems, whether they are related to an application, the environment, or a specific pod.

Deploy and operate your Kubernetes architectures with confidence

Tame the complexity of highly distributed cloud-native applications with Elastic Observability.

  • Elastic Observability

    Unify your logs, metrics, and APM traces at scale in a single stack.

  • Cloud native

    Unified and actionable observability for your cloud native tech stack.

  • Cloud monitoring

    Proactively detect and resolve issues in an increasingly complex hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystems.