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Transform massive amounts of data into mission-critical insights through an AI-powered data platform.


Is your tech built for your mission, or is your mission built around your tech? Do more with less by consolidating cybersecurity, logging, monitoring, and more.

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Data is a strategic asset for government and universities. Make sure you're maximizing its value.

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96% of public sector and education customers say they'll continue or increase their use of Elastic next year.

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Accelerate your mission with a unified data platform

When you can ingest, store, and analyze all forms of data in one unified platform, the possibilities are limitless. Government and education organizations are using Elasticsearch to deliver security, logging, infrastructure monitoring, AI insights, operational efficiencies, and more.

Gain real-time situational awareness

Enable decision superiority on everything from application performance to adversarial activity. Elastic unifies your data in real time and can apply AI insights, enabling you to know exactly what’s happening and make better decisions in the moment.

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Future-proof your cybersecurity

Empower security personnel with security incident and event management (SIEM) , extended detection and response (XDR), and cloud security. Make Elastic an essential connective data layer in your Zero Trust strategy.


Consolidate your tech tools

Squeeze more value out of your budget and data by doing more with the same tools. Elastic offers observability and security solutions built on a unified search-based platform. When your data is accessible, and findable via one system, the use cases are limitless.

Monitor your entire IT ecosystem

Use Elastic for full-suite observability, including logging, application performance monitoring (APM), AI operations, and more from a single consolidated solution built on the power of search and findability.

Government and DoD agencies gain AI and ML insights in Elasticsearch, whether in the cloud or on-prem.

Flexible deployment in the cloud or on the ground

Choose where and how to run your deployment: on premises, on AWS GovCloud, on Elastic Cloud, in a hybrid environment, or wherever your mission takes you.

  • Hosted by Elastic on AWS GovCloud

    Try our FedRAMP authorized cloud offering. It’s secure for government and research institutions. Try it for free.

  • Hosted by Elastic Cloud

    Try out the Elastic Cloud for enterprise search, analytics, and security, available on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud marketplaces.

  • Hosted by you

    Subscribe, download, and install wherever you need. Provision, manage, and monitor your deployment from a single console with our orchestration products.

Content and Resources

Public Sector resource hub

A round-up of what government and education leaders are talking about and reading now, from Zero Trust to tool consolidation to data best practices. (Curated by Elastic public sector experts.)

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  • Data findability

    White paper: Why metadata isn't enough
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Infographic: 5 considerations for public sector log management

  • Monitoring vs. observability

Blog: It's time for government to move beyond monitoring and into observability

  • AI for government

    Blog: Generative AI + Elasticsearch + your proprietary data = hyper-relevant mission context

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