Elastic and Google team up to bring a more native Elasticsearch Service experience on Google Cloud

Today, we announced an expansion of our partnership with Google, by deepening the integration between Elasticsearch Service on Google Cloud Platform in a more native way.

We've offered our Elasticsearch Service on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) since 2017, allowing customers to deploy the latest versions of Elasticsearch, Kibana, and our continually expanding set of features (such as security, machine learning, Elasticsearch SQL, and Canvas) and solutions for logging, infrastructure monitoring, mapping and geospatial analysis, and more. Elasticsearch Service users on GCP have also been able to take advantage of the many benefits of the Google Cloud Platform, such as default encryption at rest and custom instance type configuration that enables powerful hot-warm cluster architectures. Our expanded partnership with Google doubles down on all these innovative features and experiences, and offers them more natively to GCP customers through the Google Cloud Console.

When this native integration goes live over the course of the year, GCP customers will have the ability to discover the Elasticsearch Service alongside other GCP services, follow the same workflows they use for management, support, billing, and payment (including leveraging existing GCP spend commitments). Existing Elasticsearch Service customers will enjoy a new way to experience the service they love, with even more flexibility in billing, procurement, and payment options.


In addition to this new integration, we'll be bringing more capabilities and new regions to the Elasticsearch Service on Google Cloud over the course of the year. Later this year, we will expand the Elasticsearch Service to the Asia Pacific regions.

Of course, if you want to try out the current Elasticsearch Service on GCP, deploy a 14-day free trial today!

Happy Searching!