Product release

Announcing the GA of Elastic Cloud on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), More Options to Host Elasticsearch

Great things happen in pairs, especially when the company who popularized the search box for the Internet partners with the world’s most popular open source, distributed search engine. This happened in April when we announced a new partnership with Google to offer our hosted Elasticsearch product on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 

Less than six months after this announcement, Elastic Cloud on GCP is now GA in four regions: US West (Oregon), US Central (Iowa), Europe (Belgium), and Europe (Frankfurt). As Google’s cloud business continues to rapidly grow and more and more developers adopt Elastic’s products for mission critical use cases like search, logging, security, metrics, and analytics, users can now deploy, manage, and scale their Elasticsearch clusters on GCP with a few clicks.

Based on what we continually hear from our users, they want to use a hosted Elasticsearch service created by Elastic, not to be confused with AWS Elasticsearch Service. Elastic Cloud is the only product on the market that comes with X-Pack features, support provided by Elastic technical engineers, and many other features like one-click upgrades, snapshots every 30 minutes, custom plugin support, Elastic’s popular map service for Kibana geo-visualizations, and a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box monitoring metrics and tools.

With Google, we get an incredible partner and a powerful cloud platform to offer Elastic Cloud on. Our users and customers now get more choices for where to run their Elasticsearch and Kibana workloads. A Standard subscription to Elastic Cloud on GCP starts at $45/month and users can freely upgrade to Elastic’s premium subscription plans. In the future, we look forward to expanding into more GCP regions and adding additional features and use cases. Spin up your Elastic Cloud on GCP free trial now!