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Elastic + Google Partner to Deliver Elastic Cloud on GCP

This article refers to our hosted Elasticsearch offering by an older name, Elastic Cloud. Please note that Elastic Cloud is now known as the Elasticsearch Service, which is not the same as the Amazon Elasticsearch Service. Visit our AWS Elasticsearch comparison page to learn more.


Today we are announcing a significant step forward for our users. A few years ago, we joined forces with the best hosted and managed Elasticsearch service today known as the Elastic Cloud. We've always had the vision that Elastic Cloud could be run on multiple cloud platforms or within a customer's enterprise. I'm thrilled to announce a new partnership with Google to offer Elastic Cloud on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to give developers even more choice.

We chose to extend Elastic Cloud to GCP because it is one of the most innovative (hear what Quizlet has to say) and open source friendly cloud platforms, and we see growing demand from our community. Today, developers have the ability to use the Elastic Stack and X-Pack on GCP with a self-managed deployment. With this partnership, users will have the option to launch a customized and managed cluster via Elastic Cloud on GCP with a few simple clicks and settings. This offering will be available in the second half of 2017, and users who run Elastic Cloud on GCP will have access to the latest versions of our open source software, X-Pack features, and Elastic's support services.

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