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Migrate to Elastic across any cloud

Get instant access to the latest features that optimize performance, streamline your migration process with no downtime, and take advantage of built-in security best practices all within the cloud. Ensure you’re always running the right combination of compute, memory and storage. Deploy and scale globally on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or across multiple clouds — in minutes.

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Why migrate to an Elastic Cloud (Elasticsearch service)?

Spin up a deployment, and leave managing the underlying infrastructure to Elastic. Check out the pricing calculator to get an estimate of your deployment costs when you use the latest infrastructure and supported regions.

  • Get faster time to value

    Deploy in minutes on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or across multiple clouds. No matter the format, seamlessly ingest your data with turn-key integrations. Analyze and visualize it all with powerful Kibana dashboards.

  • Improve performance

    Automatically scale up or down to meet demand, and pay only for the resources you use. Use data tiers with low-cost object storage to further optimize cost and performance. Replicate and search data across clusters and cloud providers — for reduced latency and increased reliability.

  • Access to innovation

    Leverage the latest virtual machine types for your use case. Choose the subscription level right for you. Easily integrate Elastic with new and existing cloud services. Use one-click upgrades to access the latest features and functionality.

Migrate your deployment

Take advantage of software and services to migrate your deployment and search your data faster — at scale. Leverage the only service that gives you three technologies to gain end-to-end visibility across your environment.

Tired of self-managing your clusters?

Gain instant access to all the building blocks you need, readily available in the cloud. With Elastic, the maintenance and upkeep is handled for you so you can focus on your development initiatives. Get access to support, built-in security, and exclusive features only available when you deploy Elastic in the cloud.


New to Elastic and ready to migrate?

Consolidate multiple search, observability and security tools across your organization and manage everything from one service. Deploy in your preferred public cloud, across multiple clouds, or take advantage of the flexibility to run in a hybrid cloud environment. Enjoy simplified management features that optimize for cost and performance, seamless data ingestion, one-click upgrades, built-in security, and more.


Consulting services

Get help from the experts

Spend more time on your business and leave migration to the experts. Leverage Elastic to safely and securely migrate your data using industry best practices, making your migration fast, easy, and economical.

  • Basic

    • 1 Solution
    • 2 - 8 Nodes
    • 0 - 56TB
  • "en": "Multi cloud", 
"cn": "多云", 
"de": "Multi-Cloud", 
"es": "Varias nubes", 
"fr": "Multicloud", 
"jp": "マルチクラウド", 
"kr": "멀티 클라우드", 
"pt": "Multinuvem"


    • 2 Solution
    • 9 - 20 Nodes
    • 57 - 160TB
  • Multi-Solution

    • 3+ Solution
    • 21 - 60 Nodes
    • 161 - 540TB
  • Custom

    • Elastic Cloud Enterprise
    • Customer plugins
    • Cross-cluster search and replication
    • 541TB+


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  • Looking for business justification?

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