Elastic wins Google Cloud Partner of the Year for the fourth time


Following our 2023 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year Award, we are pleased to announce that we have been chosen for the 2024 Google Cloud Partner of the Year Award for Technology: Marketplace – Data & Analytics. This award recognizes one partner with a data and analytics product in Google Cloud Marketplace who helped mutual customers achieve outstanding business outcomes with Google Cloud.

“Google Cloud's Partner Awards celebrate the transformative impact and value that partners have delivered for customers," said Kevin Ichhpurani, corporate vice president of global ecosystem and channels at Google Cloud. "We're proud to announce Elastic® as a 2024 Google Cloud Partner Award winner and recognize their achievements enabling customer success from the past year.”

Elastic and Google Cloud remain at the forefront of innovation. Our goals are to provide our customers with technology and integrations that help them achieve outstanding business outcomes and accelerate results that matter. We have done this through close collaboration in areas such as generative AI, Marketplace integration, and joint marketing efforts.


When you combine the power of Elastic with the scale of Google Cloud, there are near endless possibilities.

Ciro Rizzo, Head of Engineering, Telegraph Media Group

Elastic and Google Cloud — Leaders in generative AI

Customers can combine the power of Google Cloud's AI/ML capabilities with Elastic data and generative AI-powered search capabilities to tackle the industry's most vexing challenges. The Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™ (ESRE) builds on Elastic's leadership in search and over two years of machine learning research and development, combining the best of AI with Elastic's text search. Elastic acts as a bridge to private enterprise data, integrating with your databases, document repositories, product catalogs, and more to help search and build the context window to be used with Vertex AI models and tooling.


Harnessing insights from troves of data is essential to the success of organizations now and in the future,” said Ken Exner, chief product officer at Elastic. “As generative AI continues to mature, we look forward to continuing to innovate alongside the Google Cloud team to combine the best of Vertex AI and ESRE to address our shared customers’ most pressing use cases.

Elastic, Google Cloud, and AI — Improving the retail search experience

This year, Elastic partnered with Google Cloud to develop a reference architecture to show retailers how to build new, conversational search experiences using generative AI with Vertex AI and the new Elasticsearch Relevance Engine (ESRE). This new approach offers users an interactive, conversational experience that summarizes pertinent data and tailors responses based on each customer's unique needs, all while drawing upon the retailer's public and internal knowledge. Customers following this reference architecture will use Vertex AI and ESRE to implement RAG (retrieval augmented generation), which improves the conversations with the Vertex large language models (LLMs), grounding the responses with contextual, real-time data. Elastic helps to eliminate hallucinations, improves the accuracy of the results, and can prevent inappropriate data from being exposed to the AI model.

The Elastic AI Assistant and Vertex AI

Elastic AI Assistant bolsters your security operations with generative AI. Natural language processing allows users to easily interact with Elastic Security for tasks such as alert investigation, incident response, and query generation or conversion. Elastic AI Assistant can connect with one or more LLMs, and we are currently working with Google Cloud on a Vertex AI integration. Elastic allows the customer to use the LLM that works for them, whether it be Sec-PaLM with its built-in understanding of all things security, or Google’s Gemini Pro 1.5, which offers an astounding 1 million tokens of context — enabling even the most challenging tasks to be handled with ease.

Elastic AI Assistant can be easily invoked with a simple keyboard shortcut or via contextual links in Elastic Security. It offers users prebuilt, recommended prompts and generates tailored, organization specific output by gathering context with ESRE.

Console Integrations — Helping customer harness the power of their data

Elastic is working closely with Google Cloud to help customers discover and consume Elastic more easily from within the Google Cloud Marketplace and Console. Customers with large amounts of data stored in Google Cloud services like Big Query or Cloud Storage can efficiently ingest that data into Elastic with our no code, no agent, and no infrastructure tooling for Dataflow required. Even real-time data can be streamed from PubSub directly into Elastic on Google Cloud. It has never been easier to ingest and search your data with Elastic on Google Cloud.

Joint marketing for a global reach

The strength of our partnership extends to our global marketing programs, which aim to educate our joint customers on the benefits of using Elastic via the Google Cloud Marketplace. In 2023, our global teams executed 24 in-person events, 26 virtual events, and 16 digital marketing campaigns, including our participation in two Google Cloud Marketplace Video Series. These efforts have raised customer awareness for our combined offerings, as evidenced by a surge in customers purchasing Elastic on the Google Cloud Marketplace. 

Customers can access exclusive integrations and streamline procurement and onboarding to Elastic while drawing down their cloud spend commitment via Google Cloud Marketplace. Learn more here.

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