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Elastic and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have built upon their work together to make signup of Elastic Cloud on AWS and data ingestion seamless, so you can quickly get the most value out of your data.

We can make it easier for organizations to transform data into actionable insights and stop threats quickly with unified visibility across your environment — so mission-critical applications can keep running smoothly no matter what. From a free trial and fast deployment to sending logs to Elastic securely and frictionlessly — all you need to do is point and click to capture, store, and search data from your AWS services.

Elastic Cloud on AWS helps you innovate faster with cloud-native features that are continually being enhanced to balance cost and performance —even at scale. In addition, we have worked to provide you with tools and methodologies that help streamline your cloud migration monitoring. Let’s go through these simple onboarding steps and the solutions that help you accelerate results that matter.

Delivering consistent customer experiences


"I couldn’t be prouder of the team in how we implemented Elastic on AWS and provided a better customer experience."

Shmulik Kachlon, CTO, Smarter City Solutions

Working together to help you realize a faster time to value and minimize risks

Over the last year, Elastic solution architects, engineers, product experts, and sales teams have been working with their AWS counterparts to build a foundation to help you search, analyze, and further protect your data across AWS and its services — alongside your on-premises data sets — with Elastic’s search-powered solutions. Elastic is constantly working with AWS on additional validated qualifications to help you make better informed decisions and act faster with confidence. See our current list below. We will discuss how to simply and securely ship your data (metrics, logs, and traces) to Elastic next.

  • AWS Data & Analytics ISV Competency Partner — Elastic worked with AWS on simplifying data ingestion and streamlining product integrations so you can seamlessly ingest and unify all your AWS data in Elastic’s flexible and scalable platform — to search and apply interactive analytics and further safeguard against threats in real-time — even as you scale. 
  • AWS ISV Workload Migration Program (WMP) Partner — Elastic has been certified as a WMP Partner to support the migration of self-managed on-premises Elasticsearch or ELK workloads to Elastic Cloud. If you are already using Elastic on-premises, we can help you migrate to the cloud. Elastic provides a methodology aligned with migration guidance and best practices published by AWS, including the AWS Well-Architected Framework.
  • AWS PrivateLink Ready Partner — Elastic supports AWS PrivateLink, which securely connects your AWS services endpoints in your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to your Elastic Cloud deployment. In addition, Elastic Cloud has built-in security best practices to warrant customer data cannot be accessed through unauthorized means and is continuously audited and verified by independent third parties to meet data security, compliance, and privacy industry standards. 
  • AWS Public Sector Partner — Elastic was recognized as a Partner with cloud-based solutions and experience across government, space, education, and nonprofits around the world. In addition, Elastic Cloud is available in the AWS GovCloud (US-East) environment, and is authorized for FedRAMP Moderate impact level
  • AWS Graviton Ready Partner — Elastic added support for hardware profiles that utilize the Graviton2 ARM-based variants of M5 and C5, namely the M6gd and the C6gd VMs (in regions where they are available) to provide more than 20% improvement in price-performance over comparable Intel chipsets.
  • AWS ISV Accelerate Program — Elastic has also joined this co-sell program for organizations that provide software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS. The program provides Elastic Cloud on AWS co-selling support to AWS field sales teams globally to assure better customer outcomes and a mutual commitment to customer success from Elastic and AWS.
  • AWS Lambda Service Ready Partner — Elastic was recognized as a Lambda Service Ready Partner with deep understanding of serverless software solutions. Elastic has passed rigorous technical validation and proven customer success.
  • Amazon Linux 2022 Ready Partners — Elastic was recognized as a Lambda Service Ready Partner with deep understanding of Operating systems. Using a validated platform from Elastic gives customers the benefit of running their workloads on Amazon Linux with long term support.

Streamline signup and onboarding

It is easy to get started with Elastic through the AWS Marketplace — take advantage of a 7-day free trial and quickly spin up a deployment in minutes on any of the AWS regions listed here from around the world. Our teams are working to deliver an enhanced integration for account creation and setup that saves you time — so you can quickly get the most value out of your data. But first, it is important to understand how Elastic and AWS are working to help make data ingestion seamless while keeping it secure from the start. 

Simplify data ingestion

Elastic and AWS offer integrations that streamline data ingestion across AWS and its services. With many out-of-the-box integrations for AWS services and more under development, you can seamlessly ship AWS logs, metrics, and events into Elastic and quickly deliver results that matter. Many of these integrations just require a few configuration steps to ship data and offer prebuilt dashboards so you can hit the ground running.

Take a look at these blogs and documentation to find more information about Elastic’s most recent AWS integrationsAWS Serverless Application Repository (SAR), Amazon S3 Storage Lens, AWS FireLens, AWS Network Firewall, AWS Web Application Firewall, Amazon Cloudfront, and AWS Lambda Extension — that help you accelerate time to value. Then scroll down to the next section on how you can monitor and analyze your data.

Transform data into actionable insights

Once your data is in Elastic, you can rely on one of the most widely deployed observability platforms available, built on the proven Elastic Stack, to converge silos, optimize application performance, and drive actionable insights. Elastic Observability delivers unified visibility across the entire cloud and on-premises ecosystem so users can monitor and react to events happening anywhere in their environment. Elastic brings logs, metrics, and traces together, at scale in a single stack with machine learning to help detect performance issues in real-time and surface root causes — before they impact your business.

With the Elastic Common Schema (ECS) and single repository architecture, the same observability data from AWS and other data sets can also be used for extended detection and response (XDR) to drive mean time to detection towards zero with Elastic Security.

Monitor hybrid cloud environments with Elastic Observability

Stop threats quickly 

Elastic Security brings together SIEM, endpoint security, and cloud security allowing organizations to ingest and retain large volumes of data from diverse sources, store and search data for longer, and augment threat hunting with detections and machine learning. Eliminate data silos, reduce alert fatigue, and ready your organization to stop threats quickly, and at cloud scale, to minimize risk and protect your organization's reputation. Now let’s discuss how you can inexpensively retain and manage data to retrieve and search as necessary.
Secure cloud environments with Elastic Security

Balance performance and costs — even as you scale

Most organizations retain historical data to better understand patterns and improve their standard of operations, but often are challenged to optimize storage costs while maintaining data accessibility. Elastic added the Elasticsearch frozen tier to allow you to retain large amounts of historical data in low-cost object storage like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) — while keeping it fully active and searchable. This allows organizations to safely keep their AWS and on-premises logs, events, and metrics for usage, analysis, and compliance purposes. Keep data — at any granularity, for any length of time — and then scale as the data grows. 

Data management and tiering is automated through index lifecycle management and autoscaling capabilities, based on your data performance, resilience, and retention requirements. With Elastic, you can automatically scale up or down, and pay only for the resources you use. Take a snapshot of all of your data, then search and visualize it, when and where you need it. 

Further streamline your AWS cloud migration journey 

Most organizations are in various stages of their cloud migration journey and are still migrating workloads to the cloud for many different benefits. In order to migrate to the cloud with confidence, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of application and infrastructure resources across AWS and on-premises environments. Elastic delivers cloud visibility at every stage of the cloud migration process. Now that you are aware of these migration resources, let’s quickly run through how easy it is to begin with Elastic Cloud on AWS.

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