Articles by Jamie Smith

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Elastic

Principal Product Marketing Manager

Jamie is a gadget nut with a broad background in both pre- and post-sales activities across many verticals, including containers, cloud-native initiatives, and a touch of IoT.


A primer to understanding observability

A long word, you may be wondering what it really means and how you can add it to your skill set. Here’s a quick primer to get you going on your path to observability.


What's new in Elastic Observability 7.13: Native Azure console integration, Fleet Server, and enhanced APM workflows

Elastic Observability 7.13 adds native integration in Azure console, the new Fleet Server, new troubleshooting views in Elastic APM, and more


Getting started with free and open Elastic Observability

Learn how to set up and run Elastic Observability and Elasticsearch and Kibana.


How to monitor containerized Kafka with Elastic Observability

Learn how to monitor your containerized Kafka cluster with Elastic Observability, including logs and metrics.


Ingesting metrics securely using role-based access control (RBAC)

In this final post in our system metrics series, we'll walk through instruction on how you can leverage role-based access control (RBAC) to securely prepare for and ingest metrics into the Elastic Stack.


Identifying and monitoring key metrics for your hosts and systems

In part one of this three-part series on monitoring the hosts and systems in your ecosystem, we'll cover metrics to monitor on the system you use most: your personal computer.


KubeCon 2019: Elastic Doubles Down on Observability and Orchestration for Kubernetes


Elastic APM 7.2.0 released

Elastic APM 7.2.0 released, including the beta .NET agent, expanded agent metrics, WebLogic and JBoss support, and support for multiple environments


Elastic Logs 7.2.0 released

Elastic Logs 7.2.0 released with improved support for structured logs, customizable column views, new NATS and CoreDNS modules, and CRI-O container log input