Articles By Tanya Bragin

14 March 2019 Engineering

Schema on write vs. schema on read

By Tanya Bragin

Putting extra effort into your schema upfront will make make search and analytics faster, the way a little extra time during prep makes a meal taste better.

28 February 2019 Engineering

Observability with the Elastic Stack

By Tanya Bragin

So you need to correlate logs, metrics, and traces? No problem. Learn how simple it can be to manage the Three Pillars of Observability with the Elastic Stack.

10 December 2018 News

Elastic doubles down on cloud native with Helm charts and CNCF membership

By Michelle SausaTanya Bragin

We're excited to announce the alpha release of Helm charts for Elasticsearch and Kibana, plus our membership in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

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13 December 2016 Engineering

Using Painless in Kibana scripted fields

By Tanya Bragin

This blog presents common use cases for Kibana scripted fields, and walks user through how to create scripted fields in a newly set-up Elastic Cloud instance.

15 March 2016 Engineering

Re-creating Kibana 3 dashboards in Kibana 4

By Tanya Bragin

This video walks you through how to manually rebuild a very typical Kibana 3 dashboard in Kibana 4.

23 April 2015 News

Logstash User Survey Results

By Tanya Bragin

We asked our community members to tell us about how they use Logstash, from praise to pain points. Here we share the results with you!