Articles by Tanya Bragin

Start and scale at no cost — without app or agent limits. Keep a proactive pulse on the health of your applications and troubleshoot issues with built-in support for open standards like OpenTracing...

Elastic Observability 7.6 adds monitoring support for GCP, native Jaeger support, ML-assisted log categorization, ties APM insights with the SIEM app, and more..

Elastic Metrics gains steam with Azure monitoring and Endgame integration.

Elastic Logs 7.5 brings log rate anomaly detection and support for automatically ingesting new types of AWS and Azure log events.

Uptime Monitoring 7.5 features hint-based monitoring of Kubernetes service status, search auto-complete support, pagination of monitor status results, and more...

As users adopt Kubernetes and observability initiatives, Elastic products move fast to support their evolving needs. Learn more about recent enhancements

We are excited to announce increased depth in each pillar of observability.

Elastic Logs 7.4.0 is here with AWS S3 and IBM MQ modules for Filebeat, improved results navigation, new column configuration functionality, and more.

Elastic Uptime 7.4.0 is here with the ability to record HTTP response bodies and AWS ELB autodiscovery.