Articles By Asawari Samant

18 September 2017 Engineering

A survey on modules, data sources, and ingestion experience

By Asawari Samant

Modules simplify the data to dashboard experience for common data sources. What modules should we build next? Fill out a short survey to let us know.

11 April 2017 Engineering

Operational Analytics with Elasticsearch at Elastic{ON} 2017 - Part 1

By Dale McDiarmidAsawari Samant

A 3 part series on Operational Analytics: Exploring attendee engagement at Elastic{ON} using the Elastic Stack.

29 February 2016 News

Elastic @ RSA Conference 2016

By Asawari Samant

On the heels of Elastic{ON}, this week, the Elastic team is at RSA Conference showcasing how the Elastic Stack touches a variety of security analytics use cases

05 October 2015

Hacking Education with the Elastic Stack

By Asawari Samant

In honor of World Teachers' Day, a fun and interesting education-related dataset use of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana to mark this special day.

23 September 2015 Engineering

Getting Started with ELK

By Asawari Samant

Announcing a new, improved examples repo in GitHub where we share easy-to-use examples for getting started with ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana).