Articles by Asawari Samant

Simplified data ingest with a single agent, new overview page for at-a-glance view of system health, and 50+ security detections on observability data.

Elastic Observability 7.8.0 released with enhanced Google Cloud integration, machine learning powered service maps, TLS certificate monitoring, and more

There's a lot to gush over in 7.7: Elastic Workplace Search goes GA, a fully reimagined alerting framework brings new alerting experiences across Kibana, service maps deepen system observability in APM, and much more...

Experience expanded simplified data onboarding with many new integrations across cloud, cloud native and enterprise applications, service maps in Elastic APM, and new alerting workflows to APM, Metrics, and Uptime apps...

Start and scale at no cost — without app or agent limits. Keep a proactive pulse on the health of your applications and troubleshoot issues with built-in support for open standards like OpenTracing...

7.6 streamlines threat detection, makes supervised machine learning more turnkey, and deepens cloud observability and security with new data integrations.

Featuring new machine learning models, snapshot lifecycle management, cyber attack maps for Elastic SIEM, and more.

We are one step closer to 7.0 GA. The second release candidate for 7.0 is here. Say heya to 7.0.0-rc2. Try it out and become an Elastic Pioneer.

The first release candidate for 7.0 is here. Say heya to 7.0.0-rc1. Learn about the new features, try it out, and become an Elastic Pioneer.