Articles by Carly Richmond

Senior Developer Advocate

Carly is a senior developer advocate at Elastic. Before joining Elastic in 2022, she spent over 10 years working as a software engineer, scrum master, and engineering leader at a large investment bank. She is a UI engineer who occasionally dabbles in writing backend services, a speaker, and a regular blogger on both her personal blog and the Elastic blog.

She enjoys cooking, photography, drinking tea, and chasing after her young son in her spare time.


How to embed Kibana dashboards

Have you ever wanted to embed your favorite Kibana dashboard in a web application? Join Carly Richmond as she shows you how in her latest blog.


Log deduplication with Elasticsearch

Here we discuss the challenges of identifying duplicate logs from problematic services and how to deduplicate data using Elastic Beats, Logstash, and Elastic Agent.


Tracking peak time for trick-or-treaters in Kibana

Happy Halloween! Have you ever wondered when is the busy time on the doorstep for trick or treating? Our developer advocate Carly Richmond has been digging into data from using Kibana to find out.


Pruning incoming log volumes with Elastic

To drop or not to drop (events) is the question, not only in deciding what events and fields to remove from your logs but also in the various tools used. Learn about using Beats, Logstash, Elastic Agent, Ingest Pipelines, and OTel Collectors.


Two sides of the same coin: Uniting testing and monitoring with Synthetic Monitoring

DevOps aims to establish complementary practices across development and operations. See how Playwright, @elastic/synthetics, GitHub Actions, and Elastic Synthetics can unite development and SRE teams in validating and monitoring the user experience.


Debugging Kibana Dashboards

Diagnosing Kibana dashboard performance issues is tricky. This blog introduces how Elastic APM, Kibana Inspector, Chrome Developer Tools and the Elasticsearch Slow Log can help investigate and diagnose performance issues in Kibana dashboards.


Santa drives his sleigh using Kibana Dashboards!

Ever wondered how Santa keeps track of his journey to deliver presents across the world? He uses Kibana! In this festive post, learn how Lens, TSVB, and Vega controls can be used to make Santa’s sleigh dashboard.


Designing intuitive Kibana dashboards as a non-designer

If you’re not a frontend developer or designer, building dashboards that all can understand and consume can be scary. Check out our tips on structuring Kibana dashboards and picking suitable charts to connect people with your data.


Easy JavaScript error investigation with source maps

Identifying errors in minified JavaScript code is hard! Check out how source maps uploaded to Elastic Observability make error hunting in RUM traces easier.