Elastic Stack Monitoring with Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes

In this blog post, we'll explore how Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes can be used to deploy Stack Monitoring using the new Beat CRD.

Careers at Elastic | Training and Education

Ever wondered what life at Elastic is like for the training and education teams? Hear from some of our Elasticians on what makes this role unique.

Elastic Stack 7.9.2 released

Elastic Stack 7.9.2 has been released. Read about the updates and bug fixes that have been included.

Machine learning anomalies in context with custom URLs in Kibana

Add more context to root causes analysis with custom URLs in Kibana. Quickly extend drilldown capabilities and connect your anomalies with other views within and outside of Kibana.

Life @ Elastic: Time for (virtual) Summer Camp!

How do you beat Zoom fatigue? By taking a break at Summer Camp. Learn how we built a bit of virtual fun time into our regularly scheduled programming.

Join us at ElasticON Global: Our free virtual user conference October 13-15

ElasticON Global is our biggest user conference yet — and it’s completely free. Get inspired by conversations with Elastic Founder and CEO Shay Banon, comedian and host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah, and soccer star and World Cup champion Megan Rapin

Monitoring infrastructure and microservices with Elastic Observability

Discover the complexities of monitoring hybrid and dynamic software environments, find the requirements to make monitoring data actionable, and learn how the Elastic Observability solution can help you achieve full observability of your ecosystem

Elastic Cloud (Elasticsearch managed service) on Azure Marketplace: New ways to purchase

Learn new ways to purchase Elastic Cloud (Elasticsearch managed service) on the Azure Marketplace, including monthly Standard, Gold and Platinum subscriptions.

The Go client for Elasticsearch: Working with data

In our series on the Go client for Elasticsearch, we've covered the architecture and design of the client and how to configure it. In this post, we’ll look at encoding and decoding JSON payloads and efficiently indexing documents in bulk.