Articles by Dimitri Mazmanov

Discover the complexities of monitoring hybrid and dynamic software environments, find the requirements to make monitoring data actionable, and learn how the Elastic Observability solution can help you achieve full observability of your ecosystem..

Elastic Metrics 7.8.0 released with enhanced Google Cloud integration, new infrastructure alerts, and more

Elastic Metrics 7.7.0 released with enhanced Prometheus integration, more public cloud and PCF support, and more

Elastic Metrics 7.6.0 brings a new GCP integration for collecting metrics, Azure storage monitoring, insights into AWS billing and usage, and a lot more!

Learn how the Elastic Stack can improve on the monitoring power of Prometheus by adding functionality for large-scale deployments and cross-team collaboration...

Elastic Metrics (formerly Infrastructure) 7.5.0 debuts powerful Azure integration for collecting metrics and logs from Azure workloads and much more.

Elastic Infrastructure 7.4.0 is here with new StatsD module, unified AWS resource monitoring, improved K8s observability, new Metricbeat dashboards, and more...

Elastic Infrastructure 7.3.0 Released with GA Metrics Explorer, improved Kubernetes monitoring, modules for Oracle and AWS RDS, plus new config-only modules.