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30 October 2015 Engineering

Tear away your ACLs: Upgrade Your Found Cluster To Shield

By Michael Basnight

In light of Found's recent migration to Shield for security, learn how to transition your legacy ACLs to Shield to take advantage of advanced security goodness.

28 October 2015 News

Release, we have

By Shay Banon

Elastic Founder and CTO Shay Banon goes over the highlights of our 2.0 release.

28 October 2015 Releases

Shield, Watcher, and Marvel 2.0.0 GA Released

By Uri Boness

We're thrilled to announce the release of Shield, Watcher, and Marvel 2.0.0, compatible with Elasticsearch 2.0.0.

28 October 2015 Engineering

The Story of Sense - Announcing Sense 2.0.0-beta1

By Boaz Leskes

Today we are happing to announce Sense 2.0 as an open-source Kibana app, free to use in development and production. This post tells the story of Sense.