Articles By Suyog Rao

13 June 2017

Logstash Lines: Ingest to Logstash converter, upgrade to JRuby 9k

By Suyog Rao

In this week's Logstash Lines we discuss a ingest to Logstash converter and upgrade to JRuby 9k.

06 June 2017 Releases

Logstash 6.0.0-alpha2 released

By Suyog Rao

Logstash 6.0.0-alpha2 released with new features such as support for running multiple pipelines!

05 June 2017 Engineering

Little Logstash Lessons: Handling Duplicates

By Suyog Rao

Approaches for de-duplicating data in Elasticsearch using Logstash. We also go into examples of how you can use IDs in Elasticsearch Output.