Articles By Suyog Rao

26 September 2017 Engineering

Centralized Pipeline Management in Logstash

By Suyog Rao

With the recent release of Logstash 6.0.0-beta1 you can control your Logstash pipeline config entirely from Kibana!

11 September 2017 Releases

Logstash 5.6.0 released

By Suyog Rao

Logstash 5.6.0 released with ArcSight and Netflow module, performance improvements and more!

31 August 2017 Releases

Logstash 6.0.0-beta2 released

By Suyog Rao

Logstash 6.0.0-beta2 released with improvements to pipeline visualization feature in x-pack monitoring.

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08 August 2017 Releases

Logstash 6.0.0-beta1 released

By Suyog Rao

Logstash 6.0.0-beta1 released with pipeline viewer for monitoring, centralized configuration management, and ingest pipeline converter.

06 July 2017 Releases

Logstash 5.5.0 released

By Suyog Rao

Logstash 5.5.0 released with Grok Debugger UI, dead letter queue and bug fixes across the board.

13 June 2017

Logstash Lines: Ingest to Logstash converter, upgrade to JRuby 9k

By Suyog Rao

In this week's Logstash Lines we discuss a ingest to Logstash converter and upgrade to JRuby 9k.