Elastic on Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a suite of cloud-based services to help users develop and run a multitude of applications. Using virtual machines hosted on Google's infrastructure, GCP allows users to run large-scale workloads with the reliability and performance of Google's global fiber network.

Elasticsearch Service now a Google Cloud service

In partnership with Google Cloud, Elastic makes it easy to deploy hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana on GCP with a few clicks. The Elasticsearch Service on GCP provides access to the latest versions of Elastic's products, features, and support services in a region near you. Get it from the GCP Marketplace or try it free at cloud.elastic.co!

Elastic and Google Cloud are also working toward the release of native GCP console integration to ease discovery, provisioning, management, and support for the Elasticsearch Service within the Google Cloud Console.

The Elastic Stack allows users to easily take data from any source and visualize it with real-time, custom dashboards. It consists of Elasticsearch for search and analytics, Kibana for visualization and navigation, Beats for lightweight data shipping, and Logstash for data processing and ingestion.

From centralized logging, to powerful search applications, to operational analytics it’s easy to get started with the Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud using GCP.