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eHealth's NSW Journey to Centralise Security Log Collection Platform


eHealth NSW is a dedicated digital health agency providing NSW Health with state-wide leadership on the shape, delivery, and management of ICT-led healthcare

eHealth NSW benefits patient care by providing new ways of managing health information and the delivery of healthcare online, making it more accessible regardless of where in NSW you live.

In this webinar, we will walk you through on how eHealth NSW embarked on a journey to use Open source Big data platform Elasticsearch, for collecting security logs from its highly heterogeneous computing environment instead of using readily available commercial off-the-shelf logging solution and what their roadmap is for automation and active threat hunting by way of integration with other security solutions.


  • Drivers of eHealth NSW to centralise security log collection
  • eHealth NSW current VS future-state logging infrastructure
  • eHealth NSW Roadmap for the future integration with Elastic Stack 
  • eHealth NSW Elastic dashboard showcase

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