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Introduction to Elastic 8.12

Hosted by:

Ravi Ramnani

Ravi Ramnani

Principal Solutions Architect



In this virtual event, we will walk through the exciting new capabilities and feature updates in Elastic 8.12 which includes the GA of the Elastic AI Assistant for observability, the update to Apache Lucene 9.9 with scalar quantization, new machine learning capabilities, CSPM integration for Microsoft Azure, enhanced Elastic Agent functionality, and more.

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See how you can:

Learn how 8.12 leverages Apache Lucene 9.9, new machine learning capabilities, the GA of connectors, a simplified developer experience, support for OOTB multi-lingual vector search and more

Learn about mobile APM support based on OpenTelemetry, the GA of Elastic AI Assistant for Observability, GA for Service Level Objectives (SLOs), and more

Learn about the technical preview of real-time personalized alert insights in the Elastic AI Assistant for Security, the GA of CSPM integration for Microsoft Azure & more

Learn about the updates to ES|QL, runtime fields for geo_shape, the GA of concurrency per segment of aggregations, the GA of simulated ingest pipeline processing using new API features & more

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